Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am tired. I don't know what is going on, but I thought people said you get a burst of energy towards the end. Not me. I am exhausted. I even took a nap yesterday and still was tired last night. It might be that I really don't sleep much at all when I am sleeping. It is a toss and turn type of thing. And now it seems like the littlest things wear me out, like watering the plants, or running errands.

It is crazy to see that little ticker be in the teens now. I keep having dreams that she is here already and I keep telling myself that I think she will be here sooner than those 18 days. My sister on the other hand says that her and Ethan think BZ will be arriving late. I told her that she better not curse me! And last night EZ said he still thinks I have a while because I don't act like I am in the "get this baby out of me" stage. Maybe I just do a pretty good job of not complaining that much! :)

I did find myself thinking about people who deliver super early. While they have to worry about preemies and all that come with that, they definitely miss out on the level of uncomfortableness that comes with getting close to the end. Even if I deliver tomorrow, I still would miss out (thankfully avoid) the extreme end of feeling huge and not happy, and probably be way past the get this baby out stage. I found it interesting just to think about the differences in what people experience based on how long they carry.

It is still ridiculously hot here. I can't even go outside during the middle of the day and not be tired and sweating from the heat. I think yesterday they said it felt like 105 outside. However, our heat wave ends today as tomorrow we are suppose to be at 80 and in the low 80's throughout the rest of the week. I am super excited about this-to go outside and walk and not want to pass out at 7am. I even told EZ we should take advantage and eat out side starting tomorrow evening.

I have been extremely productive in the making freezer meals front. I have almost 3 weeks worth of freezer meals now which I think is where I might stop. Here is what I have manage to make so far:
1. Chicken Enchilada Casserole (this should feed us for maybe 4 days)
2. Baked Ziti Casserole (this should feed us at least 4 days)
3. Vegi Chili-split into different bags for just eating or putting on potatoes, or putting on nachos (have about 4 days worth)
4. Vegi Stir fry (basically all the veggies cut up and ready to stir fry up). This will feed us for 2 days and I plan on making one more bag of these maybe at the end of the week.
5. Quiche-this was yesterdays meal. I have a recipe for a double quiche so we have one that we are eating now while I put the other in the freezer.

If I am still preggers in another week and a half I might make another meal or two just to have. But I definitely know that all of this will be super handy once BZ is here and I don't have the energy to really make dinner.

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Life on the Cremona said...

Meals make a huge difference! Plus, hopefully you'll have some close friends to bring you meals in the beginning.

You're right about the length of justation and experience. I was just entering the uncomfortable feeling when Tenley was born. I missed being pregnant a lot right after she was born, but there was instant belly relief as soon as she was out! You're getting soooo close!!