Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full Term

I made it to 37 weeks, so according to the books and websites, I am officially full term. BZ can choose to come out at any time now and should be good to go! And even the full moon last night did not persuade her in the slightest.

I am still not sleeping well and things are a bit uncomfortable, but really no change in the last week in that department. Maybe this is as bad as it will get until she decides for it to be her birth day.

We are still getting lots done around the house and yesterday was EZ's first day where he really didn't have things to do! So we actually went out to a movie (Toy Story 3) and picked up some stuff for the yard. We have had some bird issues. Now that we have this nice deck and new furniture for it, the birds seem to like to sit on it and poop all over the chairs and deck railing. We bought some owl at Lowes that was suppose to scare them did nothing. Then EZ tied some string up on the chairs since we read if you put up things that move they don't like that...but that didn't work either.

Our newest attempt today is going to be to put up a metal rod to hand a flower basket off one side and we have a hummingbird feeder for the other. Now, you might think that this would attract more birds right...a bird feeder...but humming birds don't land and crap all over the stuff, it is the bigger birds. So we think that maybe this moving basket and metal feeder will shy off some of the birds. We'll see.

It is a bit of a shame that we finally got our deck furniture and everything and it is really too hot to use it. We have had a ridiculously hot June, about 10 degrees above average for much of the month which puts us in the mid to upper 90's...then of course add the humidity and we can be up at 100+, and we get the afternoon sun all the way to sunset on the deck, so sitting out there at night is just not possible. Even with the umbrella up. Oh well. I think next week we are suppose to "cool" back down in the mid 80's and that should be nice...if BZ hasn't arrived.

On a last note...the Tour starts on Sat. We watched a preview for it last night and I am getting quite excited (not to say that the arrival of BZ won't be exciting). What will be more exciting is that when BZ is born, we will both be at home for the first couple weeks, pretty much in zombie land mode and can veg out and have the tour on all day! :)

Oh, and Congrats to the Kalhorns on the birth of their second son on Friday! Can't wait for our two little ones to meet! :)

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Lafonda said...

We are thinking of you guys on the home stretch. LB can't wait to meet BZ.