Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Close

T still doesn't haven't any teeth but they are right at the top of her gums. Maybe they will come in by the time she turns 1. She is such a busy bee. She has learned how to clap her hands which is sooo cute. I woke up one morning and looked at her in the monitor when she woke up, and she was just sitting in her crib clapping her hands. Too cute.

She is super close to walking, perhaps in the next couple weeks. I think P had more balance at this stage but man oh man, T is determine to walk. She has started letting go of furniture and taking about 4-5 steps out into space and then will fall down. Here is a couple pictures of our little girl and two videos.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day

We had our first snow here last week. P has never really seen snow or played in it, so we headed out in the morning. Unfortunately the snow wasn't soft, it was like ice, but she had fun playing in it and eating big chunks! She is in a bit of a phase of sticking out her tongue. Here we are all bundled up getting ready to go outside. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

T 9 Months

Well, T is growing up fast it seems. At her 9 month check up she weighed only 16.3lbs (10th %) and I can't remember her height but it was the 75th%. I would say that just this week it seems like she has stopped spitting up as much. Maybe just a couple times a day, which, compared to the 15+ times a day it has been is a HUGE improvement! I can't begin to say how exciting this is for me. And maybe then in a couple months I can get the carpets totally cleaned since they are just filled with spit up.

She gets 4 bottles a day at about 7+oz each. And right now she has two meals of 4oz each and then a snack of puffs of some sort while we eat dinner. She is FINALLY getting a tooth, perhaps 2, the bottom 2 in the front. The gum has just split open, so it won't be long until the tooth actually pops up.

And she is also starting to take some steps. She frequently lets go while standing and is fairly decent with her balance. But has started to let go of things and take perhaps 3-4 steps to something else like me or EZ or to another piece of furniture. I still wouldn't say she is walking, but it is coming soon. She is a massive climber though, loves to climb on stuff, on P's chairs, or up the stairs if the gate isn't closed and she loves the bath.

Still not really napping much at daycare but takes great naps at home and sleeps 12ish hours straight at night at home, which is awesome!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Part 2

A few days after Christmas my sister and her family came down, bring my grandma down and then my dad and Evelyn came too. Lots of people and playing and craziness. And P had so much fun with cousin Amelia. I got in some runs with my sister and we manage to make some great food. Round 2 of present opening was fun and P loved the cape and mask made just for her. Even this morning she put it on and asked me to take her flying. Fun times with the family.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Yes, I am a bit behind. We celebrated Christmas a little low key this year. All by ourselves. It was a nice relaxing day. P still doesn't quite get it mostly because we don't really play it up or anything like that. We kept all presents away from the tree hidden until Christmas morning and then when she came down we told her Santa had come to bring presents. She was semi excited but not as excited as I thought she would be. She did have fun decorating the tree and we spent most evening talking a walk around our neighborhood to look at the lights which she loved.

Now that most of it is all gone, she tells me that Christmas is over and that the lights will be back someday. Its quite cute.