Sunday, August 28, 2011

Falling Behind

Yes, it has been awhile...things just got busy! I started back at work almost 2 weeks ago and since then, it has been nonstop go go go. Piper seems to be adjusting to the full blown daycare and everything which is good. I was a mess the first few days she was there but I am feeling better and better about it now.

As for stats on PZ, we totally think she is close to talking. Finally saying mama and dada and directly it at us sometimes. Although she still does say mama or dada to other things too. We have mastered the wave for hello and goodbye, and loves to clap her hands and stomp her feet and dance (shake back and forth). Yesterday she signed more for the first time and we think she actually meant it. We also think she is trying to say "all done" and "up" and "ball" but not completely. All of the communication stuff has all happened in the last couple days.

Her top two teeth in the front are maybe halfway down, they are moving super slow. But she does pretty good chewing with just her two bottom teeth and those two on top and it looks like she might be cutting two more on the bottom too.

She is still super active, running around nonstop and is very into reading books (or having us read them to her). After 10 times of the same book though, it isn't so fun for me! And she also has started whining. If she wants something or wants our attention she will start to whine until we help her. This is not a good habit! I haven't even taken many pictures in the last month, but we did take a few of her at the pool. She absolutely loves the water and wants to go in as far as she can barely keeping her head above the water. She seems to have no fear at all which is fun and scary at the same time!

Still love the laundry basket:
Clapping our hands:

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Lots of stuff happening...EZ climbed Mt. Rainer and had a blast, I just came back from a math conference in Kentucky and have started getting everything together for classes. It always comes up so fast.

Our daycare/nanny is moving up north to NH where she is from which has caused me a serious amount of stress over the last month. Trying to decide what is best for P (and any future kids) is hard for me. In the end she because of circumstances, she will start at a real daycare next week. I know she will be fine but in some location in my mind I feel like I am not as good of a mother because of it. Why, I don't know.

In Piper news...she still is not saying any words yet. But she finally has started waving Hi and occasionally Bye, and she just started clapping her hands (sometimes). And now she will give you a kiss (or at least she will give EZ and I a kiss). It is quite cute. She increasingly understands more and more which is great but it will be nice once she says Mama or Dada.

I should post pictures, but need to take some. Hopefully soon!