Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Lots of stuff happening...EZ climbed Mt. Rainer and had a blast, I just came back from a math conference in Kentucky and have started getting everything together for classes. It always comes up so fast.

Our daycare/nanny is moving up north to NH where she is from which has caused me a serious amount of stress over the last month. Trying to decide what is best for P (and any future kids) is hard for me. In the end she because of circumstances, she will start at a real daycare next week. I know she will be fine but in some location in my mind I feel like I am not as good of a mother because of it. Why, I don't know.

In Piper news...she still is not saying any words yet. But she finally has started waving Hi and occasionally Bye, and she just started clapping her hands (sometimes). And now she will give you a kiss (or at least she will give EZ and I a kiss). It is quite cute. She increasingly understands more and more which is great but it will be nice once she says Mama or Dada.

I should post pictures, but need to take some. Hopefully soon!

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