Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy Busy

It's been awhile...things are nuts right now.

  • I finished the semester
  • We bought a house (we're moving closer to where we work)
  • We cleaned and decluttered a fixed stuff in our house
  • Put our house on the market (it hasn't sold yet)
  • I'm busy working on my tenure application (due June 3rd)
  • Spent two days touring 9 different daycares and finally picked a new one
  • Spent a long weekend at the beach with great friends
  • A whole slew of health stuff going on
  • I ran a 5K trying to break 22 min, but they started the race 15 min early and I missed the start and my watch wasn't working so I don't have an accurate time 
Maybe I'll update soon...but for now here are a few pictures!