Monday, July 30, 2012

Potty Training

We've been kind of potty training if you could say it. We have started taking a more active role, asking P if she wanted to go, ect. We bought underwear and everything. Well after a week of lots of accidents everywhere and refusing to go potty sometimes, I told EZ I was done forcing it and was going to just go back to what we were doing before, maybe she wasn't really ready.

Saturday brought our first day of just going with the flow and seeing what happened and she stayed dry all morning between using the bathroom a few times. Wow, maybe things are better. So she went down for her nap. After a couple hours when she was up and I went up to get her I could not believe what I saw. At some point she had peed in her diaper so she took it off and put her bloomers back on (the little underwear type things that go with dresses). Well then she had pooped and so she took her bloomers off threw them over the crib, not without half of her poop going everywhere in the crib.

So she was underwear less, had peed again in the crib, there was poop all over and on her blanket and stuffed animals. Awesome. So we went straight into the shower :) Oh what good times. When we were cleaning it all up and I got her diaper she said "Piper peed diaper" (so I took it off). Good times. Oh well. I am prepared for many more of these until we get the potty training under control.

Some recent photos.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Piper two year check up-
Height: 2' 10" (50th %)
Weight:27lbs (50th %)
Head circumference- xx (still 90th %-yikes...maybe she has lots of info stored up there!)

We are in full on talking/arguing/whining mode. Lots of back and forth but luckily still goes to sleep awesomely in the crib and seems to have no intention of climbing out. Thank goodness!!

At the doctor I put Tatum on the scale because I was curious and she's at 12.5 lbs already at 3+ months. I know this must be bigger that P was as the 3mo carter clothes say up to 12.5 lbs and I was putting P in 6 mo clothes around 5 months. I can tell the 3 mo clothes are already getting tight but I'm prepared to make them last as long as possible because it's all summer stuff which I need right now!

In Other T news- she has learned how to roll from her back to her belly this week. This caused problems with P when she learned how to do this as she didn't know how to roll back and so would constantly wake herself up at night. So far this week hasn't been bad, she sleeps pretty hard and has slept some in her tummy once she's rolled over in her sleep. However she is spitting up a ridiculous amount because of this since anytime we lay her down she rolls over and it's a lot of ab work which causes the spitting up.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday

I can't believe it's been 2 years already, but we had a fun "splash" party this past weekend for P's second birthday. Lots of fun enjoying the water activities in our yard and the weather wasn't too too hot so that was good.  Here are lots of photos from our fun day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Month Update

T turned 3 months old while we were up north. She seems to be growing faster and faster by the minute. Nothing too new to report. Lots of smiles and just started laughing at things which is funny. She was laughing at Piper yesterday which made me happy. Since we've been back shes been sleeping like a champ. Sleeping until 5/5:30 every morning and going down between 8-10, usually we do a dream feed with her around 9/10 depending on where her last feed was and that helps and gets her to the morning. She is generally a pretty happy baby and very laid back.

She started day care this past week, part time, M/W/F. So now I am home by myself on those days. I haven't been able to relax to much yet, have lots of stuff to do around the house and errands to run, and have some work I need to do too and have been party planning for P's second birthday party! Yikes!! Time flies!
I know P turned 2 last week too, so I'm a little behind...but here are some photos of T and one of the two girls that daycare sent me today of Piper being a great big sister! 

I don't know how she was comfortable like this but she slept hard for a couple hours in the swing the other day in the most contorted position possible:

Enjoying some outside fresh air:

My two sweet girls:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Survived

We headed up north for a week of visiting family. Started with a short side trip to the lake to see EZ's family for the day which was nice. Followed by a stop over at my dads then up to Traverse City to see my sister and her family. Then drive back to my dads and then drive home. Lots and lots of driving. Both kiddos did absolutely fabulous and I am so thankful for the mini van. I must say the trip was so much easier because of the van. One of us could sit in the very back and deal with entertaining P or T at any time.

It was super hot up north and with no AC we spent some time outside playing in sprinklers and headed to the lake one day. P absolutely adores Amelia. She loved running around after her. And we were also able to spend lots of time with my grandma too which made the trip more fun. Here are some photos from the week! (my sister took a bunch at the lake and some others too...will have to get those to post too)

Monday, July 02, 2012


I don't know what happened, but somehow got sucked into training. Training for what...I don't really know. It started with wanting to run the 5K for a local family and now its onto training for a super sprint triathlon that a few of my friends wanted to do. So ok, I can swim and bike a little and be somewhat fit. The swim is only 250m which means my swim training for now consists of once a week going to the pool and swimming 1/2 mile straight during the 10 min pool break. I think that should be good.

Oddly enough, I have enjoyed my past couple weeks on the bike though. Not biking far (20ish miles), but its hard and freeing. The mornings have been a bit cool and it has felt quite refreshing out. The only bad part about all the working out is that I have to do it super early in the mornings before EZ heads to work. I can run with just T in the bob but the weather can be hot and brutal sometimes by the time I get back from dropping P off at daycare on the days she goes. And on the days I have both of them I can't do anything except before EZ goes to work or after he gets home.

And seriously, I have NO motivation to work out at the end of a day chasing around P and holding T.

I told EZ I wanted to break 22 min in a 5K. This has been a goal of mine since before P was born. My PR for a 5K is 22:08 (maybe in 2007 or 2008). I did run 22:xx in fall of 2009 but I wasn't training for anything really at that point either. And after my 24:45 the other week I felt more confident that I might be able to do this. And so rather than getting back into longer running (which I still want to to), I decided with the time I have now, I would rather put my effort into trying to run fast. EZ then told me that he thought I needed more of a base...meaning more longer running. After some discussion it came to the fact that I could train for a 10K first to get some more mileage in and then start my 5K mission.

I haven't picked any running races yet but we'll see. I'll probably look for a 10K in September or October and go from there. For now, I'm going to just keep running and slowing increasing my distance (up to 5 miles) and endurance. And use the biking to help promote my overall cardio fitness too.