Monday, July 02, 2012


I don't know what happened, but somehow got sucked into training. Training for what...I don't really know. It started with wanting to run the 5K for a local family and now its onto training for a super sprint triathlon that a few of my friends wanted to do. So ok, I can swim and bike a little and be somewhat fit. The swim is only 250m which means my swim training for now consists of once a week going to the pool and swimming 1/2 mile straight during the 10 min pool break. I think that should be good.

Oddly enough, I have enjoyed my past couple weeks on the bike though. Not biking far (20ish miles), but its hard and freeing. The mornings have been a bit cool and it has felt quite refreshing out. The only bad part about all the working out is that I have to do it super early in the mornings before EZ heads to work. I can run with just T in the bob but the weather can be hot and brutal sometimes by the time I get back from dropping P off at daycare on the days she goes. And on the days I have both of them I can't do anything except before EZ goes to work or after he gets home.

And seriously, I have NO motivation to work out at the end of a day chasing around P and holding T.

I told EZ I wanted to break 22 min in a 5K. This has been a goal of mine since before P was born. My PR for a 5K is 22:08 (maybe in 2007 or 2008). I did run 22:xx in fall of 2009 but I wasn't training for anything really at that point either. And after my 24:45 the other week I felt more confident that I might be able to do this. And so rather than getting back into longer running (which I still want to to), I decided with the time I have now, I would rather put my effort into trying to run fast. EZ then told me that he thought I needed more of a base...meaning more longer running. After some discussion it came to the fact that I could train for a 10K first to get some more mileage in and then start my 5K mission.

I haven't picked any running races yet but we'll see. I'll probably look for a 10K in September or October and go from there. For now, I'm going to just keep running and slowing increasing my distance (up to 5 miles) and endurance. And use the biking to help promote my overall cardio fitness too.

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