Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Survived

We headed up north for a week of visiting family. Started with a short side trip to the lake to see EZ's family for the day which was nice. Followed by a stop over at my dads then up to Traverse City to see my sister and her family. Then drive back to my dads and then drive home. Lots and lots of driving. Both kiddos did absolutely fabulous and I am so thankful for the mini van. I must say the trip was so much easier because of the van. One of us could sit in the very back and deal with entertaining P or T at any time.

It was super hot up north and with no AC we spent some time outside playing in sprinklers and headed to the lake one day. P absolutely adores Amelia. She loved running around after her. And we were also able to spend lots of time with my grandma too which made the trip more fun. Here are some photos from the week! (my sister took a bunch at the lake and some others too...will have to get those to post too)

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