Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Camera Cord...

Has been found!!! Granted it has been found in Michigan, but it has been located. :)

I am in Charleston for another math conference for the next two days and I just talked to Eric who said he came home today to see a package from Ethan. Couldn't figure out what it was since it was much heavier than just the cord. Turned out to be an extra present of a knife sharpener! Thanks guys!!! (We did buy another wine opener a couple weeks ago too).

Now that the cord has returned to its home, I can post pictures when I get back!! Yeah!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Its Been a While...

Well...I know it has been awhile and we still haven't found the cord that connects our camera to our computer, so we might have to go buy another one. :(

Things have just been moving along. School is keeping me quite busy. I am working a lot on making my classes better and hopefully more interesting for the students, but in turn have gotten a little behind in the syllabus in hopes for better understanding.

As for the house, we haven't painted any more rooms, but have paint chips up in the master bath (in the purple shade) and in our family/living room (in the green/yellow shade). We bought a couch that is suppose to come in in mid April and our entertainment center finally came in last week. So now our nice big tv has a nice home. :)

My sister and Ethan and little Amelia came to visit for a little bit a couple weeks ago and we had a lot of fun. We didn't take any pictures but one when she left:

The only reason I have a picture is because she took it and I got it off her blog. :)

We have a busy 3 day weekend starting today with NCAA games. I got lucky that one of my friends was able to get Eric and I tickets for this weekends games. Normally, I wouldn't care so much about 1st and 2nd rounds, but Arkansas got selected and is playing here in Raleigh so we had to attempt to get tickets. So tonights games feature UNC vs Mount St. Mary's and Ark vs Indiana. And if all goes well, Sunday we will be watching UNC vs Arkansas!!!

We also have been working on beautifying our front porch/yard. We bought planters and planted flowers and hung the wind chimes and now just need to get the rocking chairs and make the end table. We have an appointment tomorrow with a landscaper who is going to help design the front of our house and yard and then as we can, we buy the plants and implement the plan. So maybe next year, our yard will look really nice!

I hope everyone has a relaxed Easter weekend!