Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Been meaning to post some photos, so here we go...Enjoy some of P's crazy outfits too!

Piper has learned how to give kisses (and blow kisses too):

Love bouncing on balls!

We went to see some cows...although she didn't seem that interested.
The chickens were a little more exciting:
Fun outside riding our little scooter:

We can get by with old oatmeal cylinders as toys and use them for stacking toys inside and then dumping them out:
Love clapping our hands (and stomping our feet too):

Happy girl:

It's fun to climb into the play kitchen's oven!
Styling in my sunglasses:

Go Blue:
Learning how to throw the football:
We headed to the carousel festival last weekend...two days in a row....Piper was unsure of the carousel:

Loves the window...and I just had to post this of her angle outfit with tutu (which is actually a pajama set we got as a gift but we chose to wear it as clothes even out to the carousel festival in the previous pic!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

14 month Stats

Piper just turned 14 months. And we are slowly progressing in the verbal department. I am still not quite convinced that she can say mama and dada even though she can say the words, actually using them correctly is a very different story. But she is starting to try and repeat sounds when we ask her. They don't quite sound the same, but you can tell she is trying to change her sounds.

On the flip side, waving hello and bye are things she loves to do and she has started blowing kisses to us at night when we tell her we love her. She also has started to sign more and eat. But only using more when I ask her if she wants more and only signing eat once I ask her if she wants to eat. I don't think she has figured out that if she signs it first then I would understand. She also has a huge level of understanding that sometimes blows my mind. She is obsessed with books and pointing at things and us telling her what they are. So now basically we ask her where things are and she will point to them. She can even see a picture of the same things like a fish and be able to pick it out in different colors or forms or whatever.

She finally got some more teeth. She sprouted two more that are almost done on the bottom to make a total of 4 on the bottom and she has one that is slowly coming in on the top to make 3 on the top. She is not a fan of a lot of foods now either. I have a feeling a lot of it is the texture now as she used to eat just about everything. But she is not a fan of rice or anything like it at all. And many vegatables now are thrown on the floor-carrots for one she used to like and now won't touch them. Currently we are on a peas, broccoli, and corn mix and that is it for the veggies.

She got sent home from daycare on Monday for being sick...and she has a bit of pinkeye. At the doctor they weighed her and she is a whopping 21lbs. She is also starting to show lots of frustration when something doesn't go her way. This could be if we aren't getting her down out of her highchair fast enough when she is done eating, or when she is trying to put a shape in a hole of some toy and she can't get it to fit right. She gets upset and cries/whines, but then she tries it again. Very interesting how physical and problem solving oriented she is and could care less about really communicating. She wants to climb up stairs on the playground and slide down the big slides. She loves climbing up on the couch or chairs, and throwing balls in the house to see how far they go and then running after them. Lots of fun.

I'll post pictures in a few days!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

GF Food

I've been on a mission lately of creating some good GF foods that I have missed. The other night I made my own teriyaki sauce using equal parts soy sauce (La Choy is GF or you can use Tamari sauce) and brown sugar with a little bit of rice wine vinegar and it turned out really good.

This morning I made my own Cream of Chicken condensed soup to put in the crockpot with some chicken and rice and celery. It was super easy and I know it is not only GF, but so much healthier for you then the canned stuffed which has so much added stuff. Here is the recipe I used.

I also will be making these cheesecake cookie and cream desserts this weekend which I am super excited about and I think I might try making donut holes soon too, since I really miss those.

All in all, eating GF hasn't been that hard, but there are things I do miss...mainly some good yummy cake or cupcakes and a lot of asian food. Now I have to make it all at the house which is fine, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to go out to eat some not so good for me asian take out!