Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potty Training and Other News

At daycare P has been interested in the bathroom and for most of the month of December he sheet at school would say that she tried to use the toilet. We were super impressed by this, I guess when you see other kids doing it, you do it too right...peer pressure. After the holidays we decided we would casually introduce it at the house. Really we just have one right next to the bath tub that we started sitting her on before and after baths and then I try in the mornings to put her on it when she gets up before we get dressed. That is how most days goes.

Last week she actually used it for the first time and then since Friday has gone at least once in every day, even at school. She isn't really telling us she has to go, we just sit her on it and she will sometimes go and she gets super excited that she actually went. We still aren't pushing it at all, but it is fun to watch the progression. I have no hopes/expectations for her to be potty trained by the time baby 2 comes in a couple months.

Her language is really progressing it seems at rapid speed now. Lots of new words and constantly trying to say a word for something. I still love that she wont say horse, but just "neigh" and wont say sheep but just "baa" and typically cow is just "mmmm", and monkey is "ee-ee". Although when I ask her where a certain thing like a horse is in a picture, she points to it (and then says neigh). New words are blueberry (booberr) and cheese, hot dog, pig, fish, boots, pants, shirt, but "ta-tas" is still my favorite for cracker.

I'm still working out. Some days are better than others. I was running quite a bit a month ago, but that has slowed down. Incorporating a lot more walking into my runs and it varies on the day with how I feel. This morning I ran/walked 4 miles but ran probably 3.5 miles of it and only walked 1/2 mile. What is interesting is that I am much faster than I was at this stage of my pregnancy with Piper. I am still running sub 10 min pace, somewhere now between 9:30-9:45 which I am super thrilled with.

We still haven't picked a name for baby 2. But might be narrowing down the list...just over 10 weeks now to go. Crazy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

18 month Update

P had her 18 month check up earlier this week. We are 24 lbs (50th %) and 32 inches tall (also 50%). And I'm a bit late on uploading photos from the holidays. So here we go...

Unwrapping my gift from Great Grandma and and playing with the blocks!

My Christmas outfit and a close up:

With the nieces in NY:

Opening presents at Papa's:

Amelia reading to P:

Uncle Ethan (or E-E as P calls him) reading to the girls:

A took P for a few rides on her new jeep:

My sis and I bought matching running shirts and ran a bit while up in the cold...and here is evidence that yes I really am preggers:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bit Behind

I have been meaning to post about xmas but have been busy and lazy and I just keep forgetting to bring the picture card from the camera to work and usually don't bring my laptop home from work to upload photos. Oh well.

We had a nice 11 day trip to visit both families. P was an angel in the car. One of us sat in the back with her to keep her happy and entertained, but it was worth it to have a 12 hour trip, then a 7 hour trip and then 14 hour trip all go smoothly! We spent xmas with EZ's family in Buffalo and then drove to see my family in Michigan for New Years. P loved running around with all the cousins. I think she is going to like being a big sister (after little sister grows up a bit to play with).

She has started becoming very vocal. Lots of words now all the time, some make sense and some don't, but she is babbling away like she has lots to say. Last night she stated she wanted blueberries which came out somewhat like boobare but I actually realized that was what she was saying. And this morning, she found a heart label on one of the insoles of her shoes and kept saying heart. We haven't ever even used that word yet and she seems to know it (thanks daycare!) She still loves playing peek and boo and is such a fun easy going toddler. She really has a good time and makes me laugh.

We started using the potty this past week too. Not enforcing it by any means, but we put her on it as we get ready for bath at night and then right after. She has actually gone in it twice, but she still doesn't recognize that is what she is doing. We weren't planning on doing this so soon, but most days when I get her report at daycare it says she has tried to use the potty, so we figure we might as well start using it a bit at home too to enforce that.

She also has become super picky on the eating front. She use to be such a great eater and now, she could eat something one day and love it and the next day she won't touch it. Her favorite food right now is crackers (which she says "ta-ta's" for which I find funny).

I'm still cruising along...almost 28 weeks. Are we ready for number 2, absolutely not! I guess we still have about 3 months to get ready!