Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Closing Date

Well, we have been out to the house a few more times and things are moving right along. They were still saying Oct 11 on Friday and we pushed it to Oct 17. I know, you might think we are crazy but we had already planned a mini vaction from the 12-16 with my parents so it made no sense to try and close the day before we left. They actually probably needed the extra almost week to finish up all the details that we want them to fix. :) We just want everything to be perfect right!

So cabinets went in over a week ago: Here is one of the desk area in the kitchen and one of the kitchen (next to the desk area with the space for the fridge)

They had said the countertops were backordered and they came in last week and put them in:

We even got lucky and they happen to put in a bar eating area in the kitchen. (I don't have a pic). We had already talked about doing this at some point, right were the sink is, since there already is a countertop (just too narrow to be a eating area), but they put in a bigger piece of countertop that hangs over to create a nice eating area, so that was really nice!

They also put our garage doors in, our mailbox is in, and put up the rail on our porch-just not painted yet, but I imagine when I go by this Friday it might be as well as our front door finally getting painted:

We have scheduled our walk through on October 9th and then they say they will fix everything we want by the 17th, so hopefully that is true...we'll see. :)

In other news, I can't begin to express my dissatisfaction with Houston Nutt. I believe he has done all he is capable of at Arkansas and should be let go. Why on earth wasn't he before and maybe then we could have gotten Nick Saban...that would have been sweet. Or maybe if we had someone else, we would have been able to recruit Mallet, true freshman quarterback at Michigan from Arkansas. The past two games have been great games, but of course big let downs because we can't (nor have we ever) seem to finish a game without stupid errors/penalties, or just plain decent playing for 4 quarters. I only wish Frank Broyles would see that it is time for a change and hire someone else who might be able to truely put together a great team. I would also like to say that even though we have lost, I still think Darren McFadden is the best collegiate football player in the country, and definitely the best to ever play at Arkansas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spring Schedule

Yesterday the department chair came by my office to talk about the spring semester and what he had me down to teach. I will have a very similar schedule which I reall like. I will teach 1 section of Calc 2 (I am teaching 1 Sect of Calc 1 right now-so continue the sequence), 2 sections of a class called A Survey of Mathematics-it is the second half of a sequence for elementary education majors which I am teaching 2 sections of the first half of the sequence right now. And then I will get to teach Linear Algebra.

The time of my classes is just about the same as this semester, I have a MWF 9:00, MWF 11:00, MW 2-3:15 and a TTh 9:30-10:45. It will be nice not having an 8 next semester too! I also think it won't take me as much time to lesson plan as this semester since I have already taught Linear Algebra and Calc 2 at State and they use the same book here. Of course I will reprep those, but I only have one new prep which will be nice. This semester, the geometry class is a killer!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Dude, I am a posting machine!!! :) Krista you and Ethan need to keep up!!! Eric and I met up at the house during lunch today to check it out. They have fixed the outside shake color problem and had installed all the lights/ceiling fans/light switches/electrical socket plates in. They have the cabinets in their respective rooms but have not installed them, but will probably have them in by Friday when I go by again. :)
Here are the latest photos:

Here is the master bath again with the cabinet/lights (even though the cabinet isn't installed yet-these are the cabinets that are in all our bathrooms and the kitchen)

Here is the foyer/dining room/looking into the family room. I took this picture because up above there is the gate that Eric thinks looks like prison bars (that is the bonus room up there). Which is does. Our other option would have been to get a curved iron gate that looks much nicer but the cost was something like $1000 for it...ummm...I think we can live with the prison bars and maybe find something else to put up there! :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

More Pictures

Another week...the house is coming along. I was there on Wednesday and they were just finishing up the hardwood floors, the paint color we picked is really nice too, not as dark as it looked last week when it was going up.
Here are a few new pics...

These are the kitchen and the eating area:

Here are the stairs (since I like them so much):

Here is the dining room:

And here is the master bath: I can't really tell in this pic that the floors are different from the floors in the kitchen, but they are different colors.

Monday, September 03, 2007


I went out to the kiosk before my 2:00 class today for a bottle of water and low and behold the ice cream truck was out!!! I got me a nice yummy ice cream sandwich (the ones with chocolate chip cookies as the top and bottom!!) I love HPU!

A Weekend Full of Sports

Yeah for college football!!! But what in the world can be more devestating then seeing Michigan lose to App State. I mean how terrible is that. The only other upseting loss to me was the Tenn/Cal game. Yes, I do root for Tenn, even though I went to Arkansas. I root for all SEC schools unless they are playing the Hogs. Since the more the SEC wins, the better our conference, and then the better the wins are against other SEC schools. The only other team I root for over a SEC school is Michigan...

There was also lots of running on this weekend as well as Tennis and Nascar. Although I did fall asleep last night and didn't see the last of the race. I did have to get up at 5am to get to HP this morning to teach....what...yes...teach, today, Labor Day. :) It seems that private schools are allowed to honor their own holidays! :) But I can't complain because since we work today, we are able to get an entire week off in October for a fall break. So that is nice.

An update on the house: I stopped by Friday afternoon and there were tons of people working away. They were painting the inside, putting in the air conditioning and all the duct work, they finished the driveway/sidewalks, started on the porch and put the metal trim up on the house. Here are the latest pictures:

Here is the house with the porch columns (there will be a rail across the front) and you can see the dark trim above the garage and in the triangles on the shake. I am not sure we did good picking this color (forest green), which is the color our door will be too. You might also notice that the shakes are two different colors. The siding is a tan and then the shakes are a cream (above garage) and another tan/clay (above porch) color. They are suppose to be the same. :) And they are suppose to be the tan/clay color. This will eventually get fixed. :)

Here are a couple from the inside: One is upstairs and of the railing they put in on the stairs. They call it shadowboxes, and I am not sure if you can tell in the pic, but it is pretty thick railing and then the posts coming down alternate forward and back to add depth. (I really like it which is why it is up here).

The other is of our bedroom and the tray ceiling that is in as well as the paint around the tops of the walls. (When I was there they were painting by hand all the corners and the places where the walls meet the ceiling and the floor and windows/doors, etc).

They are still projecting October 11 as closing date. :)