Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Closing Date

Well, we have been out to the house a few more times and things are moving right along. They were still saying Oct 11 on Friday and we pushed it to Oct 17. I know, you might think we are crazy but we had already planned a mini vaction from the 12-16 with my parents so it made no sense to try and close the day before we left. They actually probably needed the extra almost week to finish up all the details that we want them to fix. :) We just want everything to be perfect right!

So cabinets went in over a week ago: Here is one of the desk area in the kitchen and one of the kitchen (next to the desk area with the space for the fridge)

They had said the countertops were backordered and they came in last week and put them in:

We even got lucky and they happen to put in a bar eating area in the kitchen. (I don't have a pic). We had already talked about doing this at some point, right were the sink is, since there already is a countertop (just too narrow to be a eating area), but they put in a bigger piece of countertop that hangs over to create a nice eating area, so that was really nice!

They also put our garage doors in, our mailbox is in, and put up the rail on our porch-just not painted yet, but I imagine when I go by this Friday it might be as well as our front door finally getting painted:

We have scheduled our walk through on October 9th and then they say they will fix everything we want by the 17th, so hopefully that is true...we'll see. :)

In other news, I can't begin to express my dissatisfaction with Houston Nutt. I believe he has done all he is capable of at Arkansas and should be let go. Why on earth wasn't he before and maybe then we could have gotten Nick Saban...that would have been sweet. Or maybe if we had someone else, we would have been able to recruit Mallet, true freshman quarterback at Michigan from Arkansas. The past two games have been great games, but of course big let downs because we can't (nor have we ever) seem to finish a game without stupid errors/penalties, or just plain decent playing for 4 quarters. I only wish Frank Broyles would see that it is time for a change and hire someone else who might be able to truely put together a great team. I would also like to say that even though we have lost, I still think Darren McFadden is the best collegiate football player in the country, and definitely the best to ever play at Arkansas.

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Krista said...

House looks like it is coming along! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished