Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Back in the fall I decided to consult with an Integrative Health doctor. Someone who could potentially put the Celiac's, possible Hashimotos all together and just take a look at overall health. I feel like I was overproducing cortisal and wanted to also do a food panel study on possible irritants. There is a test for possible food sensitivities and basically what came back was dairy and peanuts (and wheat). The test tests for antibodies produced in your system to different foods. Peanuts weren't that high but dairy was significantly higher than anything else.

I also had some interesting blood sugar levels and high inflammatory markers in my system too. On the good side, if I had Hashimotos, I've put it into remission on my own (most likely due to the gluten free diet). The doctor put me on some vitamins to help with different deficiencies, like vitamin D and K and iron, plus some other herbs, like cumin which help with inflammation. I decided to wait until after the holidays to try and figure some things out and change some eating habits. So I gave up refined/process sugar and dairy about 2 weeks ago. I plan on given up the sugar for 3 weeks and then not really caring about that, but the dairy has to be 30 days to rid my body of the antibodies. I then get to add dairy back for 5 days in a row to see what happens.

In the past couple weeks though, our eating has been all flipped upside down. I've had to plan really hard to make sure I have enough calories (through Boston training) and enough nutrients at the right times too. I've made lots of new recipes...crustless quiche, maple salmon, honey mustard chicken, smokey quinoa and beans, spaghetti squash bolognase. I also make snacks like my own sugar free grain free granola with nuts, sticky energy bites for long runs, made my own hummus, making my own popcorn with dairy free butter. Definitely has been more challenging in the sense of just preparing dinners, but I'm managing.

My stomach on the other hand definitely seems to be off which is a bit of a bummer. I'm hoping that it is just my body trying to adapt to the new "normal" right now. On the other hand, maybe it's my bodies way of saying dairy is really ok for me! :) We will see! Here is a sampling of some food I've made recently.

 Spaghetti Squash bolognase

 Broiled Grapefruit with cinnamon and honey drizzled on top. I also topped these with bananas too and they were yummy!
Scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado, crustless quiche, cinnamon nut mix, homemade waffles with almond butter and strawberries. 

Monday, January 26, 2015


I'm in week 6 (out of 18) for marathon training. I'm following the same hybrid beginner/advance Hanson's plan again but I have added a bit more to it in terms of some of the mileage so far. Not much, just a mile here or there. I've also really tried to keep at least 1/2 times a week some simple strength training and I've also added in 1-2 times a week of a simple 20 minute yoga for runners video to help with stretching. I don't know how much I'll be able to keep all this up as the mileage increases, but I'm just going to keep going as long as I can!

Longest run so far is 12 miles. I've done 3 miles of speed work every week (at 5K) pace, and I'm up to 7 miles tempo runs at marathon pace. These runs haven't been going well. I've consistently been running them too fast. That might be fine people might think, but the point is the train you body to run marathon pace for long periods of time and I know the pace I'm running isn't sustainable. (I'm running more like 7:40 pace on these when I'm aiming for 8:00/mile pace).

Spent a few days in San Antonio, TX for a large math meeting and I always enjoying running in new places. It was fun exploring (and getting lost). There were lots of beautiful views along the riverwalk and a really neat historic district too.

Friday, January 23, 2015

December and the Holidays

So know I stopped posting. So I'll write a few posts to appear over the next week to catch up! December went by fast! We went to a holiday event at my work which was way overwelming, but the kids had fun playing in bounce houses, eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa, and playing in bubbles that looked like snow.

I ran a 5K race as a last minute decision and ended up placing 2nd. Won a little picture frame, a gift certificate and then the medals ended up being ornaments which was really nice.

I finished up the semester and we got ready for the holidays. We spent Christmas morning at home and the girls opened lots of presents and then we packed up and drove up north to visit family. We spent 4 days at my dads house and was able to spend lots of time with family. As usual, we all got hair cuts, this time for me, I had enough to chop off to donate (and I added some color).

We then packed up and drove across Canada to see more family. Over the course of both places we stopped in two different Childrens Museum which was fun, and headed to a mall with a carousel that the girls enjoyed.  The girls were troopers in the car!

Of course I am in Boston Marathon training mode now, and managed lots of good runs with my sister and the first run of the year in snow before our journey back to warmer temps!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

T's First Visit to the Cow Train

So this was an old post I never got out, along with the one from the zoo...I'll get better!

We have taken P to a local farm the past two years around Halloween. There is a hay ride and tractors to play on, a mini corn maze, swings/tunnels, hay bales to climb, a cow train, plus these silos filled with corn kernals to play in. This was T's first visit to the farm and she LOVED it!

As Usual...

I could come up with all sorts of excuses, because I have them, but I won't. It's been a ridiculously busy semester and I'm getting to the end.

Here are some updates:
Training: I took a month+ off of any regular schedule after the half marathon. But two days ago I started day 1 of my Boston marathon training. 18 weeks of training, here we go!

The girls: We have our up and down moments of being nice and not being nice. T has become more aggressive in her attitude (saying No a lot and very defiant). She has been sent to the "principals" office (the director at daycare) twice now for her behavior because she has been throwing toys at other kids. Awesome.

P is doing well, managing her emotions much better. But still has her moments. They are both genuinely happy most of the time but they sure are crazy!  P did have her first of two dental appointments for fillings and sealants. She did great and wasn't bothered at all by it!

On the home front: I've been trying out some new recipes, some have been good and others not. The sweet potato crust quiche, coconut flour blueberry pancakes and stuffed acorn squash were all successes. The sunflower seed flour cookies were a complete disaster (like that they turned green).

I took a trip back to Fayetteville, and it was so fun. What an amazing time I had seeing my wonderful friends! I followed that up with a Garth Brook concert where we got upgraded seats to the front row!

Last up, we got our tree and decorations up and the girls are enjoying counting down the days until Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Other Happenings

EZ's parents came down to visit for the weekend and of course the girls had fun with them! We stayed busy and went up to Pilot Mountain one day and to the zoo the other. This was our first visit to the zoo and the girls loved seeing all the animals. It was a long day though, as our zoo is rather large and very spread out!

We've also been swinging and enjoyed the bounce house!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mayberry Half Marathon Race Report

So a month or so ago, I kind of decided I would run a half marathon. I haven't run one since summer of 2011, and I felt like I had been training relatively well recently. So I semi trained on a modified Hanson half marathon plan, kind of did my own thing, ran with Jenny some and would just see how it went. We signed up for a race in Mt. Airy (home to Andy Griffith) and the website was a bit lacking in information about the course. It did say there were a couple hills, and luckily I did find a mapmyrun version of the course two days before the race. And well, yes, there were hills as evidence on the race shirt:

Jenny and I knew it would be mainly uphill the first 2 1/2 miles and then mainly flat and then there was a good uphill at the end. But you really don't know how hard the hills are until you run them. It. Was. Tough.

I had set out some goals with my A-goal of breaking 1:40, B-goal of breaking 1:42 and C-goal of breaking 1:45. Jenny and ran together and got through the first set of hills no problem and through the straight part, but I was hurting. We were both on track to break 1:40, and around mile 9 1/2 I told her to just go ahead, I didn't think I could keep up at that pace anymore. I ended up pretty dehydrated which was totally my fault, but I just kind of fell apart the last few miles.  Here is a breakdown of the course profile-and some of the hills were at 10% grade, and then my splits.

Ended up running 1:42:08 which was good enough for 3rd place overall, and Jenny smashed her goal and ended up running 1:39. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome training partner, we are so evenly matched with our paces. Although, I assume not for long, as she is just going to blow by me soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

School Pictures

I have never once order school pictures, but I still dress them up for the pictures anyway, thinking if there was ever a time when they turned out really good I might order them. Well, just so happens this time the pictures all turned out really good. I'm still debating on ordering them, maybe just a couple of one of the pictures-am thinking perhaps one of the ones of the two of them.