Tuesday, September 02, 2014


yeah...it has been awhile. A lot has gone on. P turned 4, we went to Michigan for 10 days, went camping, saw family. I went to CA for a week for research. I did work, won a triathlon, started back up the semester, and got hit by a car on my bike.

A few highlights-
P turned 4 and we had a birthday party at a local park with a playground, carousel and train. I took a red eye back from CA the night before and by sheer luck even though my connecting flight home was canceled, got a ride home so I could actually be there for her party.  P is a firecracker and I lose my patience a lot with her. Maybe I expect more of her because she is older and I don't realize how a 4 year old should act. But she is super active and physical and doesn't sit still.

We drove up to Michigan. Saw my dad and Evelyn and then hung out with my sister and family, got in a quick visit to see my Aunt/Uncle/Cousin and Gma. Also went camping for a few days up at Sleeping Bear with EZ's family. This was our first time camping with the girls and it went well. We slept in separate tents, meaning P and I slept in one and EZ and T slept in the other (T was in the pack n play in the tent). But it worked well and we had lots of fun climbing the dunes and hanging out at the beach and lake.

I really did get hit by a car while riding my bike. Miraculously everything turned out ok. And a couple weeks later I did a sprint triathlon in which I won. It was not my best rest, I went off course on the swim because my goggles were fogged up and I couldn't see anything and probably lost a minute and then I really cycled really hard to make up for time. The run was super hilly and hurt but I held off the girl that came in second by about 40 seconds.

Work started back up and things are just getting into full swing. I feel like I have a busy semester and P is now moved up to the more advance gymnastic class which involves some more moving pieces getting her to/from gymnastics, ect. But we are surviving.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Miscellaneous Photos

A few photos of the girls in the past weeks....
Daddy and T watching (probably) golf
 P likes the camera:
 Bubbles are always fun:
 T and her silliness!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Last Week in Numbers

Monday-2000yd swim
Tuesday-25 mile bike (15.5mph)
Wednesday-5.2 mile run (8:40)
Thursday-6 miles with Intervals (4x800, 2x400)-3:20, 3:15, 3:12, 3:15, 1:34, 1:34
Friday-4 mile run (9:00pace)
Saturday-7 mile run (8:35)
Sunday- 30 mile ride (16mph)

Swim: 2000yd
Bike: 55 miles
Run: 22 miles

Nothing to exciting. I tried another new saddle and don't like this one either. Will be taking it back and getting another one to try. My intervals were pretty decent this week especially considering how hot and humid it is. I did sign up for another triathlon in August, in High Point. I figure I might as well do another one while I am somewhat trained for it. :)  Here are a few views from some recent runs/rides.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recent Run

I ran yesterday morning...well I at least ran/walked. It was an up and down week of training. Nothing spectacular. I tried to do intervals on the track at 9am under the hot sun and melted on Wednesday. I headed to the pool Thursday only to find the one two lanes at the gym for lap swimming being taken by a handle of women doing water aerobics. Instead I lifted. I haven't lifted in a few weeks. I did some stuff I typically don't do like single leg squats, and single leg dead lifts.

Friday I was sore, really sore. But I ran an easy 35 min (probably average 9:30/9:45 pace). But that was fine, we need recovery runs. Saturday I woke up tired and still crazy sore, well at least my left quad was just hurting. I headed out for an easy 8. I told myself I wasn't going to run hard, and I didn't. It is a big loop for a course. I felt off and the humidity was sitting at 93% went I left at 7:30am.

By mile 3.5 I had a side cramp, still felt crappy. By mile 4, I felt sick to my stomach. At this point I had a choice to turn around (to make 8 miles) or continue on my loop (for 8 miles). I kept going, since I was going to have to do 8 miles. At 4.2 miles I stopped and walked. And at mile 5 I walked again, and at mile 6.5, and at mile 7.3. Yes. It was bad. And I wasn't running fast by all means. My miles were in the low 9min range in the beginning and I wasn't trying to push the pace.

I walked through the door and drank some chocolate milk. Took off my shorts and tank top which were completely soaked and just laid on the floor. I haven't had a recent run that I can recall where I felt like this. It was not pretty. If I had my phone with me, I would have called EZ and asked him to pick me up. :) Took me all day and a good nights sleep to feel better today.

I just need to remember, yes the ran sucked...but I did get out there and run. Each run makes me stronger.

My week:
Monday-4 miles easy
Tuesday-18 mile bike
Wednesday- ~5 miles with intervals (4x200, 3x400, 2x800)
Friday- 35 min easy run
Sat-8 painful run/walk miles
Sunday- Nothing/stretching.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day

To a creative and all around awesome father to our two kids...Happy Father's day! 

Week in Numbers

Last week's training
Monday- off
Tuesday- bike 21 miles easy
Wednesday- 5.1 miles (8:10pace)
Thursday- 2000yd swim
Friday- 4 miles easy (9:15 pace)
Satruday- 9 miles (8:23 pace)
Sunday- bike 21 miles (15.8mph)

Swim- 2000yd
Bike- 42 miles
Run- 18.2 miles

Took it relatively easy this week after two weeks of racing.  Just signed up for a 5K on July 4th that is suppose to be flat. Thought I would see how fast I actually could run on a flat course. While I don't think I can break 20 min, I am hoping to break 20:30.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dixie Diva's Triathlon Report

So after the marathon, my friend Elaine convinced me to sign up for this all womens triathlon. I knew I probably needed a break from running after training so much and so I figured this would be a good excuse to get myself to do some cross training on the bike and in the pool. I did look up the last triathlon I did, it was Sept 2008, so almost 6 year ago.  I had about 8 weeks to train for this triathlon, in terms of getting in decent shape on the bike and somewhat respectable in the water.  The distance was 300yd pool swim, 10 mile bike (although my bike computer recorded 10.75) and 2.5 mile run.

Swim: Time 3:58 (to the timing mat)
I was seeded 7th in the pool. In all my years of racing, not sure I've been seeded that far back when even racing elites in the pool, but no worries. I'm pretty laid back about this and don't really mind having to deal with passing considering I swam for so long of my life. I passed the girl who left in front of me (15 sec) at the 100 mark and then caught two more on the last lap. My time was probably about 3:45 for the actual swim. I caught another girl in transition too.

Bike: 32:22 (19.8mph)
This was where I thought I was the weakest. This is a pretty tough course, good hills not too much flat. I passed a girl around mile 2, she passed me back at mile 6 and I let her not get too far away the last 4 miles. I pushed so incredibly hard on the bike to stay somewhat close to her. She never got more than maybe a tenth of a mile away. We came into transition and I was just  a few seconds behind her.

T2: I had a great transition and passed the girl back plus put about 10 second on her. I always had fast transitions and I held up my streak with  21 second through T2.

Run: 16:35 (6:38 pace)
The run use to be my weakest sport. And I knew I was a stronger runner but I ran hard, really hard to hold her off. It was a three loop run course and she finally caught me in the middle of the third lap. She started 30 seconds ahead of me and she said she didn't have it in her to put another 30 seconds on me in the last 1/2 mile. So we ran together to the finish.

Final time: 54:06.
I won by 30 seconds to the girl who I essentially started the bike with and we raced back and forth for the bike and run. It was my swim (and transitions) that earned me the victory, and a sweet $100 gift card to a sports store.

It was fun and exhausting and I'm super thrilled with my splits and effort and the ability to not give up. Enjoy a few photos:
Ahhh...I look happy to swim:

 Off the bike:
Last lap of the run:

P thought this was a fun race...next year

Elaine and I post race:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week in Numbers

Here are last weeks numbers:

Monday- 4 mile easy (9 min pace)
Tuesday- 1100 yard swim
Wednesday- 5.2 mile run with JF (8:10 pace)
Thursday- 40 min trainer ride
Friday- 32 min run (probably like 3.5 miles)
Saturday-6 mile easy bike, 10 min easy run
Sunday- Dixe Diva's Triathlon

Swim: ~2000 yds
Bike: ~30 miles
Run: ~17 miles

Took it pretty easy this week between races (I don't ever race this much). Quick synopsis of the race. I had a great race, beat my A goal of 55 min, and total time was 54:06. I won the race by about 30 seconds. I'll write up a little recap with some photos in a couple days.