Monday, May 04, 2015

Happy Birthday T

So T celebrated her 3rd birthday back at the beginning of April. We had a very low key party, just some friends over. I attempted to make a super cool rainbow bunny cake. We had some disaster with the cake not rising, so I made another to save the day.

T is quite the hell raiser. Is in the tantrum throwing phase a lot. She is so so so  so crazy. And ridiculously funny. She pushes P's buttons (and mine too) a lot. But she is also super independent. She absolutely loves her sister. Is all about following her and copying everything she does. She is super talkative and has quite the vocabulary. She knows her numbers well but letters are a struggle. We still really don't identify letters yet. She is super tiny-weighs only 26.8.lbs (9th%) but is 37" tall (47th%). She wears 2T bottoms but 3T tops/dresses.

Here is a photo collage of her at each of her birthdays:

We have major meltdown tantrums a lot: :)

Here is the bunny cake...pre oven everything looks good!

The rainbow cakes didn't rise kind of fell apart coming out of the I used a lot of icing and put them together for the bunny face and made another cake for the ears and bowtie and in the end you can't tell!

Happy Birthday T!

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