Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Swimming Lessons

So I signed the kids up for 6 weeks of swimming lessons, 1xa week, 30 minutes. I knew that T would not be happy if P was doing it and not her. But it hasn't actually turned out well for T in the end. P has really enjoyed going (3x so far). Here is the first day, you can see how excited one is and the other not so much.

The second week things were a little different...P is learning how to float and T is happy as a clam sitting on the bench not getting in the water!

So then I decided that I would talk her into getting in by saying I would get in with her. She seemed all for it, so I wore my swim suit for the 3rd lesson, but we spent the whole 30 minutes walking around the pool, eventually put our feet in and kicked and also sat on the edge and put our hands in and splashed them. Baby steps I guess! :)

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