Thursday, November 29, 2012

P's Shenanigans

We've been busy as life with 2 is. But having fun none the less. One of P's favorite friends came to visit for the weekend and they had fun playing together:

The park is still one of her favorite places to go and I love that we have two right in our neighborhood that we can walk too.

First time in cute is she!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Behind on Photos

I realized that Tatum is now almost 8 months, but I forgot to post these when she was actually 7 months! 

She is still crawling away and standing very well but I thought for awhile she would walk before 8 months, and she really hasn't progressed in that department. And she is spitting up a lot less now too, which is nice, but she has a ton of drool. it is crazy. And I decided to stop pumping. I don't have too much more milk left in the deep freezer so we started mixing in formula. I of course felt guilty, but I was starting to have some problems and I just needed to make the decision and stop. She is quite the happy and busy baby. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Photo Session

We had a photo shoot with the same photographer that has been taking pictures of P since she was born. She always seems to get some amazing shots. How can you not love these two!

They look so much like alike here-

Half Marathon No More

Next weekend I was suppose to run in the Mistletoe Half Marathon. My training has been awesome. Two weeks ago I did a 12.1 mile run (according to my GPS) in 1:40. My PR is 1:48 which I did summer 2011, and I was doing 8 mile tempo runs in 7:50 pace. I was all set to go after breaking 1:45 even on a somewhat hilly course since I train in a hilly area.

Then a little over a week ago, I had the most bizarre things happen. I think it was a combination of dehydration and being sick (having a fever which I didn't know about), but I went out for a 5 mile run after work and started feeling sick.  It wasn't cold out (50ish) and as soon as I finished and got in my car to drive home from work I started shivering. Shivering turned into practically uncontrollably shaking. I had to stop driving home because I felt so sick and nauseous. I had the heat on full blast and I shivered for 50 minutes.

After that day, my calf was a bit off, like it just cramped up for too long while shivering. I went for an easy 3 mile run two days later, then the next day went for another easy run and 1/2 mile into my run, I literally felt my calf almost pop and curl up. Ouch. I stopped and hobbled home. I haven't been able to run since. So I now am no longer running the half next week. Pretty bummed about it but it is what it is. It still is a little off, I definitely can't run on it right now, but I think perhaps another week off and maybe I can run again.

I had all along only decided on the half because I was building a base of running and this forced me to do it. I was running 25ish miles a week which is good for me and was getting fit and faster. This was all because I've had a goal of breaking 22 min in a 5K for quite a while and am going to start trying in the spring. I am going to stick to that plan and start speed work once I can. We'll see how long it takes me to break 22 min.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun Times

Lots of fun playing around. And a little video of P dancing at the end. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

T 7 Months

Well the eczema is clearing up thank goodness. She seems to still have some itchy skin and likes to climb up into my lap and rub her head up and down on my shirt. It is cute and sad at the same time. But the medication has definitely helped. I have come to the conclusion that the spitting up is just not going to get better until she outgrows it. Oh well. I am not bf anymore. I am still pumping 2x a day but that's it. I might cut that out too, I don't know. I have no idea how much longer she can go on the frozen milk, but I am ok with that.

She still doesn't nap well at all, it's even worse at daycare. Some days she might only take a 20 min nap. Usually at home she will take 1 good nap of at least an hour. But she is a champion sleeper at night. Usually around 12 hours straight. And she really loves to eat. Seems like she just wants to keep eating. Still no teeth though, but she might actually be teething now. Who knows. She is a massive drooler, but seems a bit on the excessive side lately.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I was a bit lazy on the costumes this year. A friend of mine let me borrow a ladybug costume for T and I resused a tutu and wings that P had received for her birthday to turn her into a fairy princess. But it was so cold, that she was wearing a jacket over her shirt and a hat and she didn't cooperate with the camera. So I didn't get any good photos of P. Either way, she had fun walking around collecting candy and T was as cute as can be.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, I know we are past Halloween already but I meant to post these photos last week. I took P to a pumpkin patch and little farm with a hayride. We went here last year and she wasn't too interested in it. She enjoyed it a bunch more this year, petting the animals and loving the hayride. And enjoyed picking out her own pumpkin.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Miscellaneous Happenings

Random Happenings and Updates...

  • We are going on week 2 of sending P to daycare in her underwear. She has done really good only having 1 accident in two weeks. I think we are 98% there on the potty training. She does still wear a diaper over night as she pees a ridiculous amount over night, and we put a cloth one on a nap time. 
  • She has become quite the feisty one and knows how to push my buttons. I have a feeling we are going to butt heads a lot as she grows up. (But I guess that is no different than me and my mom!)
  • We are trying to get rid of the pacifier. Today was the first day at school where she won't have one at naptime. She is down to only 1 in her crib too, and I think we are going to try and get rid of it this weekend. I let her bring a naptime snuggly to school today to essentially replace the paci. The one she had at school was broken (it had cracked so it didn't work anymore). So I gave it to her this morning when we got there at had her put it in her mouth so she knew it was broken and told her we should throw it away, and let her do it. Then told her she could instead snuggle with her pig during nap instead. :) 
  • Tatum...oh man, she is trying to stand on her own now, crazy child, letting go of things when she stands up. She last's about 1 second. 
  • She is eating lots of food now...rice, oatmeal, millet, bananas, peaches, applesauce, sweet potato, avocado,  butternut squash, pumpkin, peas. She seems to like everything we've given her.
  • She has REALLY BAD eczema. We've seen the doctor a couple times about it. The other night she woke up screaming and EZ went in to see if she was ok and she was just scratching her head and couldn't stop. It is mainly focused around her face, head (mainly on the back of her head), neck, but is now spreading a bit to her back and a little on her stomach. We went back to the doctor yesterday and got a prescription for some steroid cream to try for 10 days to hopefully help. 
  • Funny story about the eczema...I was putting T to bed the other night and she crawled into the corner of her crib and was using the crib and the mesh bumper as a scratching post for her head. Just picking her head up and rubbing it up and down all over to scratch it. It was funny to see, but also breaks my heart to see how much it is bothering her. Hoping the new steroid cream does the trick.