Sunday, February 28, 2010

Halfway There

I hit 20 weeks yesterday which is the halfway mark. Yeah! BZ is starting to get big enough that I can feel her every now and then moving around and poking me. I would say everything has been great. I haven't had any problems at all, I don't have cravings or anything. EZ is a lucky husband not having to put up with me being the crazy pregnant wife. I will say that pregnancy brain does exist and I find myself saying all sorts of absurd things. Hopefully that won't carry over too far in the classroom so my students don't feel that affect!

Yesterday I went out for a run and it was terrible. I ran 5min walk, 5min run, 3min walk, 5 min run, 3min walk and then 17 min run. But just felt horrible. Today I didn't even want to go out and run but forced myself too and low and behold had my best run to date. Almost 33 min running (jogging) straight with no walking. Wow, don't know whats up with that but I almost felt like an athlete again except for the fact that I am really shuffling along at 10min pace. :)

Thanks for all the votes on the names...there were 18 of them. I don't even know if that many people actually read my blog or voted more than once! :) Anyway, here is a picture from the 20 week mark...the little pouch is getting bigger and bigger.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Name Game

Here is a preview of names we are thinking about. Who knows if we will eventually pick one of these or not, but just for fun, you can vote for your choice! :)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Another few days has gone by and I have been busy busy. Friday was a long day at work plus a long faculty meeting that went long, which cause me to rush to couples yoga. EZ has been interested in trying it out and they had a couples class in honor of Valentine's so I signed us up. It wasn't a typical yoga class and didn't flow very well but it was a fun experience I think.

I had to work all day Saturday for a scholarship weekend where we interview students coming to school next year for scholarships. Just a long day. EZ and I did go out to dinner last night for some good sushi (yes all cooked) and then headed to Barnes and Nobel and read some baby name books. We have compiled a list of possible names that we had started awhile ago but decided to perhaps try and finish making a list of names that we both like. Then we narrowed our list down to our top 10 names. We are making progress on the names status but we are pretty sure we are going to keep the name we end up choosing a secret. (I can keep a secret that long right?!)

I ran some errands today plus went for a run outside. It was beautiful today, 64ish and sunny. Oh so nice, which was a great reward for like a month of yucky weather. I ran for a total of 27 min today (7 min run + 3 min walk + 20 min run) plus some warmup and cool down. I find that if I try to just go for a run it is practically impossible to run straight for a long time. If I go up to the gym and ride the bike or do the elliptical for 15-20 min, then I can run straight but just walking before hand doesn't do it. But oh well, then the 7min run tends to work pretty good! I have been reading Exercising Through Your Pregnancy (thanks Alicia) and it has been extremely informative. If I can keep running or doing something similar all the way up to delivery, chances are I could deliver about a week early which would be nice right!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There's another Amelia in there

Back at xmas when we were taking my sister's crib and infant car seat, Amelia got a little upset. Krista explained to her that it was for my baby that was growing in my belly and Amelia asked me "Is there another Amelia in there?" And well, yes today we found out that indeed there is another little girl in my belly.

My mom said when she told my dad, his response was, "Of course it is another girl." I wonder if EZ's parents will be think the same thing. Granddaughter number 4 for them and no grandsons!

BZ had all good measurements, all fingers and toes, 2 kidneys, ect, except for a spot on her left ventricle which is apparently called a echogenic foci spot (or a calcium deposit). Apparently this is a minor marker for a chromosomal defect but since I had done the blood screening and that was negative and all other indicators are negative, there is no increased risk for anything. This is something that apparently is fairly common. From what I have read over the last hour about it, it sounds like most of the time the spot goes away. I will have to ask at my next appointment about if they are going to do another ultrasound in 2 months or so to see.

Anyway, here are a couple of the good photos from today. She was a little acrobat moving all over the place (it must have been the ice cream I had at lunch to pep her up!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maternity Pants

So I am getting to the point where I can't wear too many of my pants anymore. I headed to Old Navy yesterday to try and find some maternity pants. Ummmm....yeah, I can't fit into any of the smallest maternity pants, they are all too big. So I think I have to go either with just buying a couple pairs of bigger pants (for work) or using the belly band for awhile. The belly band I have been using already but am looking for a couple options where I don't have to.

Anyway, here is a photo of me...18 weeks and about to bust out of my pants. I think I need a little while longer before I take one with my shirt up over my belly.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Does it ever seem that you get busy all of a sudden and everything compacts down together to create a period of just chaos. Seems like it has been that way for me for the past couple weeks. Not sure what is going on but am hoping to get a break in another week. The pile of work that is building in my office is getting a little out of hand. Again I was home late every night this week, or had things to go to and looking at my planner the next couple weeks are more of the same. Spring break will be a much needed welcome in a few weeks and hopefully everything will settle down a bit.

I read a few more books...One Second After-the story of what would happen if America was attacked by another country by an electromagnetic pulse. It was actually pretty scary to read of the possibilities of this happening and what could happen to the way we live and our country. Very different from what I normally read but good too.

I just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog which was just ok. It was really hard to get through-at least the first 2/3rd's of the book. I didn't care for the authors writing style all that much either and really can't give a good explanation of what the book is even about.

I just started Brave New World in my slow going attempt to read more classics.

Promise to post a picture this weekend of my little belly and I am getting excited to find out next week if little BZ is going to be a razorback or a ladyback (as Monica so nicely put it on facebook!)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Busy Bee

It was a long and busy week for me. Work is going just fine but it seemed like every night I was out doing something. Like Yoga on Mondays and I work late on Tuesdays and then Wed we had a job candidate in and I went to dinner with her and then Thursday nights I have been tutoring a middle school kid in my neighborhood. I finally got a little break on Friday night and then Saturday was back to work all day for one of our scholarship weekends at HPU.

EZ and I did go over to Barnes and Nobel yesterday evening and I spent some time reading "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" which I has received great reviews. I read a bunch of it and it was extremely informative about having an all natural birth and some great questions to ask my doctor at my next appointment which is in a week and a half (when we find out if BZ is a little girl or boy).

I have another busy week or two before things start calming down at work and just in general. I signed EZ and I up for a couples yoga in a couple weeks and he has agreed to go to learn beginners Salsa dancing with me too at the beginning of March. Should be fun! We have always wanted to go to a Nascar race and I thought we could go to Bristol in March but not sure it is the best for BZ, something about potential hearing loss doesn't sound good. I will have to look into it some more to see if it is OK. There is lots of stuff either way so we'll see. Off to a Superbowl party here in a little bit!