Monday, February 03, 2014

Hanson's Marathon Method Review ( through week 12)

Man oh man, this week has been tough. Mentally, physically, everything. Here is the recap of this past week (plus some)

Last Saturday-8 miles (9:10avg)
Last Sunday-16 miles (8:50 avg)
Monday-5 miles easy (9:40 avg) Thank heavens for my easy run days no matter how crappy I feel
Tuesday-9 miles total which included 4x1.5 mile intervals at 10K pace- (7:30, 7:25, 7:17, 7:20 avg for my 4).
Wednesday-REST DAY!
Thursday-9.5 miles total-1/2 mile warm up plus 9 miles at marathon pace (xxx avg)
Friday-5 miles easy
Saturday-9 miles easy
Sunday 10.8 miles marathon pace + 45 sec (8:50 avg)

Last weeks mileage was 53 miles. This week was 49.

I am tired, no doubt. This plan is definitely tough. I can tell I am becoming a stronger runner that is for sure. Going out and running 8-10 miles easy seems like nothing at this point (of course interval days and marathon pace days are a different beast). Or like today when I did 7 after Sat 9 and Sunday 11..I have 5 tough weeks left, then a taper week and then race day. While I like the straightforwardness of the plan, it is really starting to get hard waking up early to get my runs in during the week. With all this, and work and fitting in massage and I go to a PT/Chiro/ART person, it is a lot. Starting last week is when I really felt like the plan stepped it up to a whole new level of toughness.

And whats awesome, is that this week I reached my original fundraising goal of $2620 for VS Cancer! Of course, I want to raise as much as possible, so I will continue fundraising until race day!

 6 weeks until race day. Bring it.