Tuesday, June 26, 2007

House Update

Yeah...walls are up, windows are in...things are moving along quickly now...
Here is a couple pic from June 14th when we headed out there:

And then a few more from yesterday, the 25th with the windows in and the roof up, one from every side...

They say in a another week or so we will have a pre-drywall meeting, which means the siding will be up. I didn't go out there yesterday (Eric did), but he said they have the plumbing all in and all the tubs/showers in (but he didn't take any pic of the inside). Will keep you posted.

Also, congrats again to Andy, who qualified for the Buick Open this weekend. Eric and I are making the 11-12 hour drive Thursday night to watch him on Friday! Good Luck!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding Weekend

I flew out last Thursday to New Orleans to a wedding and let me say it was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Almost all of my friends from college came for this long weekend that consisted of a bachelorette party thursday night, rehersal dinner friday night and the wedding saturday. Let me begin with thursday...

We (11 of us girls) went to Burbon St at about 10:30ish. It was somewhat slow in terms of Burbon St, but we have a party wherever we go. We wandered around in and out of bars and clubs drinking and dancing. We came back around 3am and talked and fell asleep a little after 4am (5am my time!) We all crashed at one of Genny's BF in New Orleans sleeping on FEMA cots and pull out couch and air mattresses. It was quite a good time and I don't remember the last time I has so much to drink and stayed up so late. Here is a pic I took of all the girls:

one with some of my closest friends(drinking some crazy mix called a hand grenade):

We managed to get up around 9am and Mo and I drove to get some benieges (sp), while the girls cooked some eggs, bacon and biscuits. After breakfast we drove the 1 1/2 hour drive to Biloxi to our hotel and crashed for a good hour or so which we really needed. Then up again and ready to go to the rehersal dinner which was at a great restaurant near the ocean that they rebuilt after the hurricane. A few more drinks and a 5 course meal consisting of stuffed lobster and we headed to the newly rebuilt casino for some more drinks, dancing and gambling. I managed to only lose $30. Here is a couple pics from dinner including one of the lobster! :)

We lounged around Saturday and layed out at the pool (I managed to get in a short 3 mile run on the hotel treadmill) before getting ready for the wedding. It started storming around 2ish and didn't really let up. The wedding was at 5, outdoors, at a plantation on the water, and it was lightly raining. Mo and I kept dry with hotel towels until the ceremony started. The wedding was short and sweet and then we drank and ate until 9 before heading back to the casino for more dancing. Here are some more pic.

Here is one of Genny and her man...and of course Genny is being herself stuffing her flowers in her dress for an added accessory!

I had a great time and it was so great seeing everyone again. I really miss my close friends from college and this was a perfect getaway!! Although, now I need another vacation, as the lack of sleeping and too much drinking has caused me to be a bit exhausted!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Just wanted to send out a big congrats to Andy, my long time friend from Michigan, who just this past weekend qualified for the U.S. Open (Golf) in a 4 hole playoff. I am so excited for you! Good Luck next weekend!


So, there hasn't been much progess on the house. But last week they were just about to start framing. So I figured I would load up some pictures of the lot and then foundation. Again, not too interesting yet. It will soon start looking like a house though!!
This one was right when after we signed the papers, on April 14th.

Here are a couple with the foundation practically done taken on May 21st (I love our brick color we choose!):

And here are a couple taken on May 26th, the foundation is done and they are getting ready to build...as you can see from all the wood!

Here is one from the back:

Hopefully next week, I will have some new ones with some framing going up!