Monday, April 23, 2007

Graced with Greatness

As my training starts winding down (YEAH!!!) I have been doing my long runs out on a dirt trail. It is much easier on my knee and my body in general, and it is pretty running through the woods. I also don't have to deal with stoplights and car exhaust. A couple weeks ago, I was running one of the longer runs and at about mile 8 a girl and a guy running flew by me like I was standing still. Wow, she looked very impressive. Then I realized that it was Shalane Flanagan, only the 5000 American Record Holder! Then I didn't feel so bad to look like I was standing still.

Then yesterday, I was out at the trail running again, and here she comes again, running towards me, running with two men. Looking so effortless. I try so hard and run so slow. And even after all these years of trying to work at it, I am not sure I have gotten any faster. I can run longer but not really faster. It was really cool though seeing someone as fast as her and how easy it looked for her. Maybe next time I will stop her in the middle of her run and get her autograph! :)

On a side note: Congrats to Corey for finishing the MS150 and good luck to Genny this coming weekend for the marathon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


As has been awhile, but it doesn't matter, I really don't think anyone reads my blog. :) For those of you that do that don't live in Raleigh, I have accepted a job at High Point University. It is about 1 1/2 hours from here and about 1 hour from Chapel Hill where Eric works. We have decided to FINALLY buy a house in the middle, which is Burlington, NC. (If you aren't from here and pull out a map, find Raleigh-the capital and go west along highway 40 and you run into Durham, Chapel Hill, then Burlington, then Greensboro/Winston-Salem-and High Point is just south of Greensboro towards Charlotte).

I will start there in the fall and am excited about finally have the job thing done with. I was so stressed for a few months I was in tears some days because I couldn't take it anymore. Thanks to my friend Rebecca who turned down this job to take another job in Virginia...otherwise I would have no job to speak of! Good thing is, Eric can keep his job, which he really likes.

Other than this finally being done with, I have been training for a 1/2 ironman that is just under a month away. Yikes. Training has taken its toll on my and after the marathon training and then this, I am really ready for a break from any long training. :) I just don't really like going out for 3-4 hours to ride/run on the weekends. Just not that fun. I will be happy with I can say that I finished the 1/2 Ironman and rest.

My sister is getting bigger and bigger as she is due 1 1/2 months from now. I can't believe it. She is very cute pregnant, and I was up there about a month ago for a baby shower. She got lots of gifts and Ethan is busy painting and finishing their room about the garage.

I guess that is about all the updates. Hope everyone is doing well!