Monday, April 23, 2007

Graced with Greatness

As my training starts winding down (YEAH!!!) I have been doing my long runs out on a dirt trail. It is much easier on my knee and my body in general, and it is pretty running through the woods. I also don't have to deal with stoplights and car exhaust. A couple weeks ago, I was running one of the longer runs and at about mile 8 a girl and a guy running flew by me like I was standing still. Wow, she looked very impressive. Then I realized that it was Shalane Flanagan, only the 5000 American Record Holder! Then I didn't feel so bad to look like I was standing still.

Then yesterday, I was out at the trail running again, and here she comes again, running towards me, running with two men. Looking so effortless. I try so hard and run so slow. And even after all these years of trying to work at it, I am not sure I have gotten any faster. I can run longer but not really faster. It was really cool though seeing someone as fast as her and how easy it looked for her. Maybe next time I will stop her in the middle of her run and get her autograph! :)

On a side note: Congrats to Corey for finishing the MS150 and good luck to Genny this coming weekend for the marathon!

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