Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mini Vacation...

Well things are winding down here for the semester thank goodness. I am worn out. I think I just feel like I haven't had any time to do anything. With moving and then family here, and teaching an extra class right now, preparing for a talk, I have just been overwelhmed. We haven't been able to do much at the house and we can't seem to agree on furniture. We headed down to Mrytle Beach last week for Thanksgiving with my parents. It was a nice time, good shopping while Eric and my dad golfed....had some nice meals and walks on the beach and some excellent football action! Go Hogs! And according to Tyler: "Looks like Christmas came early" with the ousting of Coach Nutt. Thanks to him I have been graced with watching the funniest you tube video possible: And sorry Monica, but I really think Georgia should be in the championship game. But since Tenn is going, I will route for them against LSU! :) We introduced my parents to the wonderful world of the wii and wii sports. I laughed so hard watching my parents box eachother, we had to take a little video of it: Then we had them try out Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2, again, quite humourous. I talked to my dad yesterday who said his arm was sore from boxing and my moms foot still hurt from dancing! (Note: Eric and my dad were on different levels so they aren't doing the same moves) In the meantime, our goal this weekend is to once again go furniture shopping and buy a Christmas tree. I am super excited about it since it will be my first tree since going to college and I have been saving all my ornaments just waiting to be used! After we decorate and put up stuff outside I will take some pictures and post. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Congrats to my friends Becka and Tim for the birth of their baby boy, Frank!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The House

Well, I know it has been a couple weeks, but we finally got around to taking a picture of the house...with us in front. Eric's parents were here last weekend for a quick visit and Eric and I are slowly moving in.

Right now I am overwhelmed with a lot of stuff. I have a lot to do in the next week and I am starting to really stress out but I know everything will all work itself out and by next Thursday I will be hopefully mostly prepared for a talk I am giving. I did manage to make it home last night and take a bath in the new garden tub. It was nice and hot...too hot for maybe 10 minutes of trying to get in, but that is ok, it was nice to relax a little.

Well, here you go, our house (complete with our "fall" decorations)

And then we realized we looked so we took another:

We didn't take any of the inside...we don't have much funiture in so it just looks so empty...As we get furniture though I will take more pictures!