Thursday, November 08, 2007

The House

Well, I know it has been a couple weeks, but we finally got around to taking a picture of the house...with us in front. Eric's parents were here last weekend for a quick visit and Eric and I are slowly moving in.

Right now I am overwhelmed with a lot of stuff. I have a lot to do in the next week and I am starting to really stress out but I know everything will all work itself out and by next Thursday I will be hopefully mostly prepared for a talk I am giving. I did manage to make it home last night and take a bath in the new garden tub. It was nice and hot...too hot for maybe 10 minutes of trying to get in, but that is ok, it was nice to relax a little.

Well, here you go, our house (complete with our "fall" decorations)

And then we realized we looked so we took another:

We didn't take any of the inside...we don't have much funiture in so it just looks so empty...As we get furniture though I will take more pictures!

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jorgstyle said...

Cute house! Thanks for finding me on facebook. - Tyler