Friday, August 31, 2007

That time of year again...

It is football season again!!! So excited that my weekends will now be filled laying around watching football. Last's night I flipped around back and fourth to the LSU/MSU game-how can you pass up SEC football-and actually MSU did really well the first half, I was pretty suprised. I am mostly excited about the Cal/Tenn game this weekend. Hockey season is about to get going again too as NASCAR season winds down. Yes for those of you that don't know that I watch NASCAR...

The house is coming along nicely, Eric was out on Tuesday and they had already done a bunch of stuff since last Friday. So I am stopping there on my way back to Apex today to see the house and take pictures. So those will get posted this weekend or early next week. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day of School!

Yeah yeah has been awhile. Really that hasn't been anything interesting to talk about. For the first week of August I flew out to San Jose for a math conference. It was 6 days long, which was about 3 days too many. :) Really, I just can only handle about 3 days of talks. But what was really cool was that I was part of a program for new teachers just starting out. So I met a bunch of people in the same situation as me (many who got jobs where I applied). We also got tips, went to workshops, etc that really gave me great ideas about things to do in my classes.

While I was there, I met up with a friend from High School, Jason, who I think I haven't seen since my sister got married which was almost 6 years ago. We hung out a bit, went to dinner and to the was it freezing at the beach! Anyway, here is a pic of us: Jason looks a little scary though in the pic :)

So after I got back, I have just been getting ready for school. Lesson planning, getting my office set up, sitting through long faculty meetings, figuring out my way around High Point, etc. I decided I wanted to paint my office because it was this institutional beige color, and half of my walls were cinder blocks which didn't help. I picked out a light greenish gray color to brighten it up and I dragged Eric out there to help. We spent 5 hours paiting a room that is only 8x10 without priming and was those damn cinder blocks that took it out of me. Here are a couple pictures since my family wanted to see my lovely office in the basement! By the way, you can't tell in the pictures but the color turned out a light blue, yes I know there is nothing up on the walls and yes there are no windows. :(

We started classes today and things went pretty well. I am getting adjusted to being at a new place that has free snacks at kiosks on campus and a starbucks in the student center. The (free) ice cream truck hasn't gone around yet...or at least I haven't heard it...but it is freaking ridiculous hot here, I know in Raleigh it was 105 yesterday and they said it was only the third time ever it has gotten that hot. That is actual temperature people not the heat index! But anyway, I will get me some free ice cream from that HPU ice cream truck one of these days! :) I am teaching 4 classes-a Calc 1 class, a upper level Geometry class, and two sections of a math class for elementary education majors. So far things are going smoothly and I feel like I am super prepared for classes. But maybe that is just in my head! :)

I did stop by the house last week and this week. Eric and I are a little upset...they got a little behind and so they just finished drywalling. So not much has happened since I posted pictures last time. Here is a couple though, they did put the rest of the outside up. And WOW, the sky in the second picture looks beautiful!