Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running with the Buffaloes

So I haven't read this book, but I am sure I will someday. Apparently, EZ makes an appearance in the book! He told me even though he has read (skimmed) it, he never knew it untill a friend of his called him up one day and told him.

Anyway, I wanted to run a 5K before we head to Costa Rica, so I check out the running schedule and find a few races. I almost jumped into a 5K today but I tore up my heel last week in the triathlon and the first half of this week I only ever made is 20-25 min running and was in tons of pain, just ripping open the heel some more. So I took a couple days off.

The running coach has decided I need to start running faster, and since I am not too mentally tough, we decided the best option would be for me to run with the infamous buffalo (EZ). He has been on a run 3-3.5 mile plan lately but running easy (for him), which means down to 7:30 pace. So I head out for 20 min first and then come back to the house and we head out. I manage to make it all but the last hill up to the house with him before I stop and tell him I am going to puke. :) I took my heartrate and I was 180+. :) Yeah, working hard right!

So today I head out again, the heel feels better and I think I can make it for 8 miles. I head out and run 40 min first and come back and pick him up and we head out again. I again make it all the way back to the hill with him before I just tell him to run up it without me. But today, I actually ran up it (slowly), versus walking yesterday. All in all 8 miles in 1:05. Not too bad.

I found another 5K I wanted to do next weekend, but I have to go to work next Saturday and won't be able to run it. So I start searching again...and I have found a 5K on October 11th. Yes, still 2 weeks away, but that gives me two more weeks to get in better run shape before I bust out the sub 22 min 5K right!

So goes running with the not buffalo, but RAZORBACK!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Excited!!

The Return of the best show on TV...

One of my absolute favorite clips to get you pumped up for tonight!! (it is slightly edited)

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am not one to post this frequently, but I looked up my previous results today in an hour break I had between classes. I know, I know, I should be doing work. But for me, it is extremely hard to get anything going in just an hour.

My 5K on Saturday of 22:09 is the fastest I have run at the end of a triathlon! Yeah. And it is almost my PR 5K of 22:08!

I find that super encouraging for all the running I have been doing this summer. I have settled on doing one of two 5K's I have found next weekend. And tomorrow afternoon, EZ is on a mission to run with me and change up one more thing about my stride, not that I have my hips straight.

Who knows, my secret goal of eventually breaking 21 minutes might be in my near future!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Morning America

I went to lunch last week in the cafeteria and there were tons of cameras. In addition, the president Dr. Qubein was there telling us that Good Morning America would be doing a story featuring High Point University this weekend. The story aired yesterday morning, and of course I wasn't able to see it, so I looked it up online.

Those of you that have never heard of HPU...or heard me talk about it...this article/video sums up what it is like on campus. Or rather the life at a fancy hotel/country club. :)

GMA Video

Last Tri of the Season

Heading down to Wilmington Friday night I really didn't want to race. We stopped and had dinner in Raleigh at one of my favorite restaurants and got to Wilmington about 10:15pm, and went to sleep.

As I went to bed, I had turned on the weather channel and notice that it the forecast for Saturday morning was cold and windy. Yikes. I hadn't prepared for that.

It was cold (maybe upper 50's to low 60's) and windy (15-20mph winds) when we got to the race in the morning. And really, I know that upper 50's to low 60's isn't cold normally, bue it is when you are use to 90. I warmed up and didn't feel great and headed over to the swim start to get in and warm up in the water. I tried swimming but I was freezing and even just waiting for the start, I was shivering.

The swim was terrible. I don't know what happened but I ended up not with the lead pack, or at least not where I should have been. I typically swim with Kate and she beat me out of the water by a minute. I came out of the water 3rd female but there is an approximately 2 min run to transition in which Amie and Brooke passed me and so by the time we all crossed the mat I was 5th female (in our wave).

I made up 10-15 sec in T1 and as Bri passed me running to our bikes I thought this is going to be a terrible race. I pushed the bike super hard. Somehow I caught Alysia about mile 3 and Bri who I had put like 30 sec on in T1 didn't even pass me until mile 8 or 9. I must say, this might have been my best bike I have ever had.

When I look at the results, I have the 15th fastest swim (this is horrible for me), but I have the 11th fastest bike...I have never been know to have a better bike split than a swim split! I actually made up ground on the bike. How strange. But Alysia and I were about the same speed so when I caught her (I have NEVER caught anyone on the bike), we worked together (not drafting) to push eachother, it was the most fun I have had on the bike since I started triathlons.

I had decided to run so fast that I shouldn't be able to have a conversation. Of course, I still chatted it up a couple times, but not nearly like I usually do. And to my amazement I ran 22:09! Eric thinks this is an accurate 5K, so I am super happy if that is the case.

I ended up 10th overall, in the largest sprint tri on the east coast. I am really happy with the bike and run and for the race in general. This was the first time where I felt like I could actually be part of the open wave/race without getting blown away (even though I was still last open female.).

Alright, now it is time to work on my off season running. I am going to do a 5K here in the next couple weeks to really see if I am all that fast and start training for the half marathon in Dec.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So doesn't the beach sound nice right now??? :) It would except this is what is about to unfold...

Tomorrow night we will drive to the beach and arrive around 10pm. I will get my crap together and go to sleep, wake up at 4:30am the next morning and head to the beach for the last triathlon this season.

The race starts at 7...I will be done by 8:15...if we hang around a little we will be there until 9:30 or 10:00 then drive ourselves back home.

Driving time: 6 hours
Time in Wilmington: 12 hours (half of which are sleeping hours)
Time at the beach: 0 hours

At least it is the last triathlon for the year. And maybe no more traveling for awhile, oh but wait...there is the weekend in SC for the Arkansas game and Eric just decided to go up to Maryland to visit some friends another weekend, oh and the two weekends we will be gone in Costa Rica, then comes Thanksgiving (DC maybe???), and next thing you know it will be xmas and the whole family will be here. :)

But we will be back in time to crash and watch football all day! Yeah for fall football Saturdays!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

She Roxs

This past weekend, we headed down to Charlotte, as I had volunteered to be a mentor for an all womens triathlon called SheROX. It was the exact same course as Latta which was my first race this year, so I was looking forward to seeing if I was any fitter than I was back in June.

We stayed with Nick and Jen and basically played Rock Band all day Saturday. Must say the drums and even the singing is pretty fun, but the guitars suck compared to the guitars in Guitar Hero. So we might pass on buying Rock Band.

I had no clue how fit I was, I feel like since school started up again and since Eric has decided to stop training, my training has gone downhill. I was in the first wave with 5 other women, which was way cool to be in such a small wave. I took the swim out hard and Melissa stayed on my feet. I really pushed the pace and felt like I should have dropped Melissa, but she stayed with me. After the race, she told me how she tried to pull around and take the lead but she couldn't, I was going to fast for her and she barely stayed on.

We came out of the swim first, although the results don't have our splits. I asked Beth if she knew how far down she was and her husband had told her 40 seconds. So guessing the swim was 12:00 which I could believe.

I had an awesome transition (at least I think I did). I came out of the water with Melissa and probably put 30 seconds on her just there. But you know, she hasn't raced in over a year, so that could be it to!

They weren't ready for any of us leaders, and as I rolled out they were setting up the cones for the beginning of the bike course. I went out what I thought was pretty hard, Melissa passed me about 2 miles in and then Beth followed maybe right behind, maybe mile 3. Then it was pretty lonely. I hammered away on the bike alone for the remaining 14 miles. The hills zapped all of my energy, but I managed to go a minute faster then I did in June so hey, pretty good job.

I had a great T2, even my time was like 30 sec faster! I started out on the run and had a cramp-like one you sometimes get when running and can't breath. As I made my way out onto the run I had to go much slower than I should have just to try and let the cramp subside. It finally went away around mile 2 but by then I was tired and just fell into my "Laurie pace". The run was much harder than it was in June. Already the footing in terrible with the loose rocks and such, but this time the ground/sand was soft. So it was like running in quicksand with rocks all over. Oh well, what can you do.

My run was a little slower, but overall I was 2 1/2 min faster than I was in June and ended up 3rd overall. This was my second all womens race, and I must say they are tons of fun. Much less pressure and so encouraging to see all these women doing their first triathlon. I had a great group of mentees and they all did awesome and the SheRox people put on an outstanding race. They already have races in Philly, and Tempe this year, and next year are adding Miami and I think Boston and Seattle. I highly encourage anyone who wants a unique stress-free triathlon experience to try one of these out!!

I am so happy to finally have met Melissa, Beth, and Katie. Beth who came all the way from PA won the race by like 6 min, congrats to her for an outstanding race! And wow, Katie just raced Ironman Wisconsin last weekend and came out to have fun!

I decided that I will most likely race again this weekend in Wilmington. I think that the longer swim, shorter flatter bike, and flat road run will suit me just fine!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The book list

Well, I have been on a roll lately...I have started spending my evening reading a lot instead of doing work and it has been enjoyable.

I read The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes, and I must say this was an amazing book! Loved it. Takes place in Chapel Hill and at VA Tech area and was extremely captivating. Recommended it for anyone just wanting a easy enthralling read.

I also read The Art of Racing in the Rain. Written from the perspective of a dog about living life and what is going on around him. It was pretty good. A lot of people in my book club absolutely loved it and I thought it was a little slow in parts, but pretty interesting to think about whether or not dogs and cats or our pets can actually speak to us and understand us.

I have been listening in my car to Son of a Witch and just finished today. I couldn't get through Wicked, and this book took 2 weeks of listening to back and forth to work to get through and it really wasn't that great. I think if I were reading it, I would have put it down just like I did Wicked.

I have also started two new books-The Omnivores Dilemma and A Short History of Nearly Everything. Both are somewhat long and my take me a little while. I have also been reading through books on Costa Rica to help figure out what we are going to do. This afternoon, I am headed to the library to pick out another book on CD for my commute. I have missed NPR a little, so I think I will have to break it up a bit and pick a book that isn't quite as long too.

Alright, it's off to Charlotte to try and put together a respectable triathlon this weekend. I swam for the 2nd time this week, this morning. OMG, what was I thinking! With the race on Sunday, this would make 3 swims this week! For probably a total of pathetic.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Back on Track

Antibiotics are amazing. They worked quick and my leg is feeling great. Still a little swelling and itching but really no pain. I managed to do a 7 mile run yesterday and it only started to hurt after I was done (while I was mowing the lawn). The big spot is still slightly purplish red, but much less than before.

I have been thinking about what to do after my race next weekend, and today while I did a whopping 2500 I thought that maybe I won't even race next weekend. I don't know. We are headed to Charlotte this weekend for a race-an all women's race in which I had volunteered to be a mentor for way back 8 months ago. Should be fun and my running has definitely gotten better, thanks to all the running ez has been making me do. :) Right now I think I have settled on a half marathon in December to benefit Victory Junction Gang (NASCAR style)!

We think we have settled on an itinerary for Costa Rica-a couple days at Arenal Volcano National Park, a couple days at Monteverde Cloudforest, and a couple days at Manuel Antonio National Park (apparently the best beach). So that's the plan, with a stop somewhere maybe to go white water rafting and we are definitely touring a coffee plantation.

How terrible is Arkansas football right now, maybe we shouldn't have bought tix for the South Carolina game in Nov-it might just be a waste.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Evils of the Sting

I ended up going to the doctor this afternoon. It looked worse today and I could barely walk last night it hurt so bad. The doctor said it wasn't an allergic reaction but rather I now have an infection. Yeah. Got some antibiotics and hopefully in a couple days the leg swelling/itching/burning pain will settle down and I can try and run or bike again before my race next weekend.

Here is the best pic I took of myself, it doesn't look that swollen but imagine that my actual ankle bone sticks out on the good one and on this leg I can hardly see the bone. I got stung at the top of the red blotch thing (towards my knee) which is actually more purplely.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bee Sting

I killed a bee with my leg yesterday while out doing an easy 20 mile ride. It HURT like hell. I made EZ pull over and I pulled the stinger out, ouch. I rode the rest of the way home in some stinging pain but not too bad.

Today however is a different story. As the day went on, where the bee killed himself (or did I kill him), my leg decided to turn red and swell up. The spot is maybe 4 inches above my ankle, and my ankle and foot is also swollen. Is that normal. It also hurts to walk, like I sprained my ankle.

Dr. Kattie, if you are reading this, should I go to see a doctor? :)

BYW-So excited Corey started a blog!!! I feel so honored!