Thursday, December 07, 2006

A couple BIG days!!!!

Well, a lot of things have gone on the past few weeks... I guess the biggest news is I defended my dissertation yesterday and passed. I am not technically Dr. Zack yet, but once I turn in my dissertation and get my diploma in May, then I will be Dr. Zack! :) The defnese went really well, not any questions I couldn't handle and I wasn't nearly as nervous as I was a few weeks ago when I gave a 1-hour talk at an algebra seminar.

Other big news...I had a phone interview with a couple schools and one of them liked me enough to fly me down for an on campus interview. The job process is probably the most anxious thing for me. Something new and different and something I am not used too. In a few more months though, I will hopefully have a job and not be so worried about where we might be.

One last big thing....I am running my first marathon on Saturday. Yikes! The training didn't go as well as I would have liked, so my goals changed from tying to run 3:40 to trying to run the whole thing without walking! :) (oh and breaking 4 hours). Turns out the weather isn't going to be least not raining, but pretty chilly, 30 degrees to start and in the mid to upper 40's by the end. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

After this weekend I can relax for awhile!!! Yeah!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!