Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running with the Buffaloes

So I haven't read this book, but I am sure I will someday. Apparently, EZ makes an appearance in the book! He told me even though he has read (skimmed) it, he never knew it untill a friend of his called him up one day and told him.

Anyway, I wanted to run a 5K before we head to Costa Rica, so I check out the running schedule and find a few races. I almost jumped into a 5K today but I tore up my heel last week in the triathlon and the first half of this week I only ever made is 20-25 min running and was in tons of pain, just ripping open the heel some more. So I took a couple days off.

The running coach has decided I need to start running faster, and since I am not too mentally tough, we decided the best option would be for me to run with the infamous buffalo (EZ). He has been on a run 3-3.5 mile plan lately but running easy (for him), which means down to 7:30 pace. So I head out for 20 min first and then come back to the house and we head out. I manage to make it all but the last hill up to the house with him before I stop and tell him I am going to puke. :) I took my heartrate and I was 180+. :) Yeah, working hard right!

So today I head out again, the heel feels better and I think I can make it for 8 miles. I head out and run 40 min first and come back and pick him up and we head out again. I again make it all the way back to the hill with him before I just tell him to run up it without me. But today, I actually ran up it (slowly), versus walking yesterday. All in all 8 miles in 1:05. Not too bad.

I found another 5K I wanted to do next weekend, but I have to go to work next Saturday and won't be able to run it. So I start searching again...and I have found a 5K on October 11th. Yes, still 2 weeks away, but that gives me two more weeks to get in better run shape before I bust out the sub 22 min 5K right!

So goes running with the not buffalo, but RAZORBACK!


Beth said...

I love that book. Now I'm going to have to go back and read it again to find your husband!! :) Great job with the running. 22 minutes is going down!!

Emily said...

It's a really good book - I got all excited when I saw Eric in it :)

Hope you're having fun in Costa Rica - I'm jealous!