Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nuculer vs Nuclear

Now, I don't spend much time using the word "nuclear", but EZ sure does. And in the past however many years, he has complained numerously how George Dubbya says nucUler instead of nuclear.

In the past hour that we have been watching the veep debate, every now and then EZ pipes up at how now the governor says the word... also nucUler.

I of course don't really notice it (and really could care less), it is such a small difference. EZ on the other hand uses the word a hundred times a day and it really bothers him. But after the question got asked on nuclear weapons, ahhhh yes, Mrs. Palin does indeed say nucUler, and Mr. Biden uses the correct nuclear.

Maybe this is the underlying reason why EZ is voting for Obama-Biden...No More NucUler!

On a side note...I chopped my hair off today. Super short. I don't know why, but not sure if I like it...oh well, it is just hair, it grows back.


Krista said...

I want to see a pic of the hair!!! Is that really all that bothers Eric about how Palin talks? Yikes that debate was a pain to watch!

BriGaal said...

Pictures, please. You can't put something like that on your blog without them!

Corey said...

Im also getting my haircut today!! hahaha But I am leaving it long and adding golden luscious highlights. ha haha I want to see a pic!!! LOVE YOU

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

I so we can give you our opinions!! :) I have to say one of the VP debate highlights for me was when Mrs. Palin called Joe B...O'biden (did anyone else catch that?).

r&j said...

I was just about to post a note on Facebook about this. Please tell Eric that saying "nuculer" instead of "nuclear" drives me crazy, too, and I kept wishing that the moderator would correct Palin last night.