Monday, October 06, 2008


So, since we live in the middle of our commutes (35ish minutes in opposite directions for each of us) we have had a hard time finding people we could possibly carpool with. There are actually a lot of people that work at UNC but EZ's office is off campus and most people live on campus and have much different schedules. I on the other hand had found no one who works at HPU...until now.

So apparently someone who lives right down the street works in the criminal justice department here. So we met up for lunch the other week and have arranged things so we can carpool 2x per week. So one less day of driving for each of us per week= approximately $10 in gas per week = a good $400-$500 a year if it all works out (oh and aren't we doing our part to save the environment!)

Then a couple days ago, received an email from a new faculty member who is moving into our neighborhood at the end of the month who is in the Exercise Science department. So now there will be three of us. Hmmmm...we could possible work in 1 more day per week and that would be some more good carpooling.

Now we are talking a possible $800-$1000 in savings-there is almost our trip to Costa Rica-without doing anything! :)

Pictures will come soon of the hair cut...I still don't really like it, but oh well, what's done is done.

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Rebecca DeWire said...

Way to save the environment! :)

I must admit that there have been numerous time in my life that I was impulsive and chopped my hair. I often ended up in tears! But like you said, it always grows back. You have a really good attitude about it.