Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

Another few days has gone by and I have been busy busy. Friday was a long day at work plus a long faculty meeting that went long, which cause me to rush to couples yoga. EZ has been interested in trying it out and they had a couples class in honor of Valentine's so I signed us up. It wasn't a typical yoga class and didn't flow very well but it was a fun experience I think.

I had to work all day Saturday for a scholarship weekend where we interview students coming to school next year for scholarships. Just a long day. EZ and I did go out to dinner last night for some good sushi (yes all cooked) and then headed to Barnes and Nobel and read some baby name books. We have compiled a list of possible names that we had started awhile ago but decided to perhaps try and finish making a list of names that we both like. Then we narrowed our list down to our top 10 names. We are making progress on the names status but we are pretty sure we are going to keep the name we end up choosing a secret. (I can keep a secret that long right?!)

I ran some errands today plus went for a run outside. It was beautiful today, 64ish and sunny. Oh so nice, which was a great reward for like a month of yucky weather. I ran for a total of 27 min today (7 min run + 3 min walk + 20 min run) plus some warmup and cool down. I find that if I try to just go for a run it is practically impossible to run straight for a long time. If I go up to the gym and ride the bike or do the elliptical for 15-20 min, then I can run straight but just walking before hand doesn't do it. But oh well, then the 7min run tends to work pretty good! I have been reading Exercising Through Your Pregnancy (thanks Alicia) and it has been extremely informative. If I can keep running or doing something similar all the way up to delivery, chances are I could deliver about a week early which would be nice right!

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Life on the Cremona said...

it has been hard for me to keep the baby's name a secret! sumner told me tonight i could tell people, but i'll wait until he gets back. we did the same thing with a top ten list. no matter what you decide, once she's born it'll be a perfect fit! :)