Thursday, April 02, 2015

SuperHero Dash

I took the girls to a local 1K SuperHero run. They were so super excited about it! We met up with our friends and did lots of fun activities. Face painting, bounce house, tattoos, and then it was time for the 1K run! I thought all was good, but T decided that she didn't want to run (reminds me of P on her first race last year). P took off running and I held T's hand and we walked. It was two loops around a big parking lot, so while T and I only walked 1, the other kids ran and did 2. What was great is that P ended up running the whole way and passed us, so I was able to see her and take a couple pictures of her running by! She was super proud of herself (and so was I) that she ran the whole way! 

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