Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spring Schedule

Yesterday the department chair came by my office to talk about the spring semester and what he had me down to teach. I will have a very similar schedule which I reall like. I will teach 1 section of Calc 2 (I am teaching 1 Sect of Calc 1 right now-so continue the sequence), 2 sections of a class called A Survey of Mathematics-it is the second half of a sequence for elementary education majors which I am teaching 2 sections of the first half of the sequence right now. And then I will get to teach Linear Algebra.

The time of my classes is just about the same as this semester, I have a MWF 9:00, MWF 11:00, MW 2-3:15 and a TTh 9:30-10:45. It will be nice not having an 8 next semester too! I also think it won't take me as much time to lesson plan as this semester since I have already taught Linear Algebra and Calc 2 at State and they use the same book here. Of course I will reprep those, but I only have one new prep which will be nice. This semester, the geometry class is a killer!

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