Wednesday, September 07, 2011

GF Food

I've been on a mission lately of creating some good GF foods that I have missed. The other night I made my own teriyaki sauce using equal parts soy sauce (La Choy is GF or you can use Tamari sauce) and brown sugar with a little bit of rice wine vinegar and it turned out really good.

This morning I made my own Cream of Chicken condensed soup to put in the crockpot with some chicken and rice and celery. It was super easy and I know it is not only GF, but so much healthier for you then the canned stuffed which has so much added stuff. Here is the recipe I used.

I also will be making these cheesecake cookie and cream desserts this weekend which I am super excited about and I think I might try making donut holes soon too, since I really miss those.

All in all, eating GF hasn't been that hard, but there are things I do miss...mainly some good yummy cake or cupcakes and a lot of asian food. Now I have to make it all at the house which is fine, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to go out to eat some not so good for me asian take out!

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