Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Been meaning to post some photos, so here we go...Enjoy some of P's crazy outfits too!

Piper has learned how to give kisses (and blow kisses too):

Love bouncing on balls!

We went to see some cows...although she didn't seem that interested.
The chickens were a little more exciting:
Fun outside riding our little scooter:

We can get by with old oatmeal cylinders as toys and use them for stacking toys inside and then dumping them out:
Love clapping our hands (and stomping our feet too):

Happy girl:

It's fun to climb into the play kitchen's oven!
Styling in my sunglasses:

Go Blue:
Learning how to throw the football:
We headed to the carousel festival last weekend...two days in a row....Piper was unsure of the carousel:

Loves the window...and I just had to post this of her angle outfit with tutu (which is actually a pajama set we got as a gift but we chose to wear it as clothes even out to the carousel festival in the previous pic!)


cherelli said...

LZ - great pics of your daughter - she is beautiful, growing quickly, love the Superman shirt and Quaker Oats shot :)

Rebecca Wills said...

Lots of great pictures of an adorable girl!