Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Month Update

T turned 3 months old while we were up north. She seems to be growing faster and faster by the minute. Nothing too new to report. Lots of smiles and just started laughing at things which is funny. She was laughing at Piper yesterday which made me happy. Since we've been back shes been sleeping like a champ. Sleeping until 5/5:30 every morning and going down between 8-10, usually we do a dream feed with her around 9/10 depending on where her last feed was and that helps and gets her to the morning. She is generally a pretty happy baby and very laid back.

She started day care this past week, part time, M/W/F. So now I am home by myself on those days. I haven't been able to relax to much yet, have lots of stuff to do around the house and errands to run, and have some work I need to do too and have been party planning for P's second birthday party! Yikes!! Time flies!
I know P turned 2 last week too, so I'm a little behind...but here are some photos of T and one of the two girls that daycare sent me today of Piper being a great big sister! 

I don't know how she was comfortable like this but she slept hard for a couple hours in the swing the other day in the most contorted position possible:

Enjoying some outside fresh air:

My two sweet girls:

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