Saturday, July 21, 2012


Piper two year check up-
Height: 2' 10" (50th %)
Weight:27lbs (50th %)
Head circumference- xx (still 90th %-yikes...maybe she has lots of info stored up there!)

We are in full on talking/arguing/whining mode. Lots of back and forth but luckily still goes to sleep awesomely in the crib and seems to have no intention of climbing out. Thank goodness!!

At the doctor I put Tatum on the scale because I was curious and she's at 12.5 lbs already at 3+ months. I know this must be bigger that P was as the 3mo carter clothes say up to 12.5 lbs and I was putting P in 6 mo clothes around 5 months. I can tell the 3 mo clothes are already getting tight but I'm prepared to make them last as long as possible because it's all summer stuff which I need right now!

In Other T news- she has learned how to roll from her back to her belly this week. This caused problems with P when she learned how to do this as she didn't know how to roll back and so would constantly wake herself up at night. So far this week hasn't been bad, she sleeps pretty hard and has slept some in her tummy once she's rolled over in her sleep. However she is spitting up a ridiculous amount because of this since anytime we lay her down she rolls over and it's a lot of ab work which causes the spitting up.

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