Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Beach

P and I headed down to Ocean Isle Beach for 5 days while EZ is off climbing Mt. Rainer. I met up with two other women and each of their children (Claire who is almost 1 1/2 and Elliot who is 11 months). It was fun to hang out at the beach, get a little sun, run a little, eat some amazing homemade ice cream, and just relax a bit.

Piper absolutely LOVED the beach. She wanted to run around, play with the sand, run in the water, just about everything possible. She did not want to just sit still. She kept getting mad that I wouldn't let her go deeper into the ocean and she loved having the waves "crash" into her! It was lots of fun. We typically aren't beach people, but I think after this, seeing how much she had fun, we will have to go back!

Some Photos:

Getting 3 little ones to all look at a camera is impossible, but here is a few attempts:
On the Beach

Styling with our shades

Cozy on the Couch

And my all time favorite of P and can't beat their expressions!


runningyankee said...

so cute! you took some really good shots. glad you had fun. OIB is always a good choice, cause well, its quiet :)

Alicia Parr said...

Love the pics!