Monday, July 18, 2011

Party Time

We threw P a little party. It was fairly simple, as in we had the sprinklers going and a few kiddie pool type things that the kids could run around in. There were a lot of people though. We debated on whether or not to even throw a party and as I was running the other day thinking about things, I realized that life is too precious to not celebrate. I don't know how many days I will have with P, so we should celebrate her life.

She had her 12 month check up today and she weighs in at 19.8lbs (25th percentile) and is 29 3/4" long (75th percentile). And she is happy as can be.

Here are a few photos from the party:

Playing in the kiddie pool

Double fisting the cupcakes:
We had a great time and were so happy to share the joy with our friends!

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Rebecca DeWire said...

Happy birthday to piper. I love the monkey cake.