Friday, July 01, 2011

Michigan Part 1

I have been gone with Piper for almost two weeks now. I drove up to my dads by myself with P. Suprisingly, she handled the trip fairly well. I made stops at places that had playgrounds and let her run around and burn off some energy. Thankfully, EZ will be helping me with the drive home in a few days. We took a few bad falls (you can see some brusing on her left cheek from a hard crash into the coffee table) but had lots of fun. Here's some photos from Papa's house...

I love tennis balls!

Funny Faces :)

So many things to do at the playground!

Hugs with G-ma

Trying to figure out what Papa is saying!

No baby gate means climbing (and falling down) stairs. And learned that newspaper is a fun toy!

We had a great time with Papa and Gma!

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