Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Our little sweetness turned 1 on Wednesday. How quickly this year has gone by it seems. We did nothing exciting, and in fact I had an endoscopy done to check on my progress since being diagnosed with Celiacs (and in the 5 months of being on the diet, apparently my insides are happy and almost all healed up).

Some 1 year stats: We are pretty much eating anything and are in the middle of transitioning to whole milk (yeah no more formula) and to a sippy cup (yeah no more bottles). Right now she is about 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 formula in her bottles and we are split with 2 bottles and 2 sippy cups. She has been trying to get two more teeth for like a month now. They are moving so slowly. Eventually she might have 4 teeth!

She is running around like a little champ. And is a very busy person. Loves to look at books and point at stuff. She still isn't talking, not even saying mama or dada. She does babble a lot and she knows some sign language (milk, eat, all done), but won't sign back anything. It seems as if she knows a lot of words and can point to her belly button, toes, hair, or find her Pooh Bear, or blanket, or a ball. If I ask her to close a door or cabinet, she will push it close. She knows that when we say "yucky" or "dangerous" to stop what she is doing.

She also understands a lot about how things work. If she wants to go outside, she goes to the door and points at the doorknob. She points to the keypad on our garage to get the garage door open so she can get some toys when we are outside. Last night, EZ told her it was time to take a bath and she went over to the stairs and pointed up the stairs, so he opened the gate and she climbed up them and then went to the bathtub.

I am really impressed by how much she seems to know and understand but it is still a little frustrating that she hasn't said any words, or that she won't wave bye bye or hi. We really have been working for like 6 months on that and nothing. Oh well. In due time. What she will do is give you a high five (but only if she is in a swing), or put her finger to yours like E.T.

Little P is a wonderful baby and I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter. Here are a few photos that we took on her actual birthday:

Learning about numbers

E.T. phone home and our first encounter with spaghetti.

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