Friday, January 18, 2013

T 9 Months

Well, T is growing up fast it seems. At her 9 month check up she weighed only 16.3lbs (10th %) and I can't remember her height but it was the 75th%. I would say that just this week it seems like she has stopped spitting up as much. Maybe just a couple times a day, which, compared to the 15+ times a day it has been is a HUGE improvement! I can't begin to say how exciting this is for me. And maybe then in a couple months I can get the carpets totally cleaned since they are just filled with spit up.

She gets 4 bottles a day at about 7+oz each. And right now she has two meals of 4oz each and then a snack of puffs of some sort while we eat dinner. She is FINALLY getting a tooth, perhaps 2, the bottom 2 in the front. The gum has just split open, so it won't be long until the tooth actually pops up.

And she is also starting to take some steps. She frequently lets go while standing and is fairly decent with her balance. But has started to let go of things and take perhaps 3-4 steps to something else like me or EZ or to another piece of furniture. I still wouldn't say she is walking, but it is coming soon. She is a massive climber though, loves to climb on stuff, on P's chairs, or up the stairs if the gate isn't closed and she loves the bath.

Still not really napping much at daycare but takes great naps at home and sleeps 12ish hours straight at night at home, which is awesome!

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Jenny said...

I love these pics! She really favors P in a couple of them :)