Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Random Updates

A few updates on what has been going on:

First up...Baby Zack is still in my belly.

The patio is done! Yeah!! And EZ just finished the stairs from the patio to the deck. And his biggest fear that the day he finished I would go into labor hasn't happened. :) Here are a few pictures of the patio:

We got a fire pit and made smores out there the other night...yum yum! It was nice to sit out there and relax. We have a few more things that we can do out there in the yard. A lot of landscaping type things that we will have to do in the fall.

In other news, I planted blackberry and raspberry bushes last year and while the raspberry bushes look great, they have no berries on them. :( On the flip side, the blackberry bushes look great! I picked the first ones the other day:

And then somehow we have a tomato plant. I don't know how it got there since we didn't plant any tomato plants at all. It is quite small right now, but we will have tomatoes sometime this year, even if it is just a couple of them!


Life on the Cremona said...

Patio looks amazing! Way to go EZ!!! Now you need an umbrella!

And btw, this time next week you could have a baby, but lets hope not! :) We want her to grow grow grow!

You interesed in a chic flic book?

Lafonda said...

Wow EZ! Amazing patio!