Sunday, June 20, 2010

36 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday I hit 36 weeks...I am now less than a month away from BZ guesstimated arrival. However, I have a feeling that she will come early. Things are starting to get uncomfortable, things meaning parts of me and the sleep is still come and go but not too bad. I also think that she has "dropped" because I definitely feel lots of lower pressure now too. Even with walking. I did manage to have a few good walk/runs this week. But I told EZ this morning after my 5 miles (maybe 2-2.5 of it was slow running/jogging) that it is a different level of uncomfortableness when I run. So I am not sure how many more run/walk days I will have from here on out. They might turn more into just walk days. I would be perfectly fine with this if it wasn't so hot here. This morning I went out from 7-8 and it was already almost 80 with 90% humidity. I might have to start going for walks in the middle of the night!

I am still swimming 2-3 times per week. Only a mile each time, which feel like enough for me. I started with only able to do 50's straight and now I am up to 150's straight for almost the whole mile, so I feel like I am getting stronger in the water but it is still difficult to drag my large belly through the water.

I think we have gotten all things together for BZ's arrival. The bag is all packed with a list of things that need to be grabbed when we leave (phone charger for one). I put together my bead necklace for strength from the baby showers. I will not be wearing said necklace as it is rather heavy but I will be bringing in and hanging it up in the room for support. Basically, at two of my showers, everyone that came brought a bead that either they thought symbolized me or reminded them of me or they just liked. I then put them together so that everyone could be with me at the hospital during birth. Here is a picture of the necklace:

I also spent this morning figuring out the breast pump. It was the last thing I had wanted to do before heading to the hospital and I got it all working and whatnot and actually tried on the hands free pumping wrap JF gave me and tried it out. Everything works good...or so I think. Who knows...I don't know if I know what I am doing. I freaked out yesterday and emailed my sister about diapers. :) I think that no one really KNOWS what they are doing in the beginning with their first, so all you can do is figure out as you go, right? is a picture of me at 36 weeks. Please ignore the fact that I did not bother to get nicely dressed while taking this photo:


Life on the Cremona said...

Love the necklace idea!!! What a great reminder of love and support! You are looking great....glad to hear BZ has dropped (good sign). Handsfree breast pump wrap? Where can I get one? Too bad I had the idea of inventing one.....The pump is pretty simple. The hospital can show you how to use it too. You are a great mommy already and all your worries of baby ignorance will get figured out as you go.....BZ has never had another mommy before so she knows no different and you're the best!

Rebecca DeWire said...

That necklace is such a cool idea. And you look great! Scott and I were totally clueless about babies when Elena was born, but you are right that you just learn as you go. You are going to have so much fun!

Alicia Parr said...

Love the necklace! Thanks for posting a picture of it.

About feeling clueless-- there are lots and lots of people way less smart than you are that have somehow managed. You and Eric will figure things out as you go.

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Seems everyone has beaten me to the comment "I love the necklace idea." Best of luck as the day approaches, and I know you will be a fab mom!!

Lafonda said...

You are so cute! Your belly is adorable. I can't wait to see little BZ!

Yes, you are right, no one knows what they are doing with the first one. You just figure it out as you go. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Even if something works great for someone else it might not for you.

You'll have to let me know how the hands free wrap goes. I think that is a great idea. You can actually get something done while you are pumping rather than just sitting there holding all the pieces. Maybe my blog would stay updated.

Thinking of you!