Saturday, June 05, 2010

Being Ready

The pirate sail is getting closer to the treasure chest up there and it is 6 weeks until baby zack is suppose to be here. But we all know that babies can arrive whenever they choose. More on my mind is the fact that two of my friends in the past few months had their babies at 35 weeks...hmmmm...that is 1 more week from now. So are we ready??? Are you ever really ready for the first one to get here?

I think we are doing pretty good. We have everything we really NEED (I think) so I guess you could say we are ready. I am not scared or nervous or anything, but actually pretty excited. I do feel like to could use these last few weeks to read some books that I have been wanting to read. (Baby books that is).

I have started to complain more to EZ...something I told him to stop me from doing if I did it to much. I really don't have much to complain about except the sleeping. Sleeping is a come and go thing. Some nights it is ok and others I can hardly sleep at all-I just can't get comfortable. Those nights are usually the nights that I have some sort of restless leg syndrome thing too. And the pretty regular punches and jabs are much harder and sometimes painful. So all in all it isn't that bad.

As for me and EZ...we are hoping BZ stays in the belly and at least has a July birthday.

Just for my sister...she said she wanted me to post a picture of the belly. So here I am at 34 weeks:


Life on the Cremona said...

you look so great!! BZ is healthy and doing well in your tummy. You sound relaxed, which is wonderful. Be sure to pack your own TP or wipes foe the hospital. I'm super excited to see your little one, but a July birthday would be preferred! Less complications that way! :)

BriGaal said...

you sound ready! I hope I'm as calm when the time comes :)