Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from TX

I spent the last week and a half traveling but most of my time was spent in Austin, TX at an IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) teaching workshop. It was quite informative and motivating and I hope to teach a class IBL style in the near future. Austin was HOT and HUMID! I did manage to get out almost every morning and walk and run a little. Not much running though and BZ just doesn't want to let me anymore. The most I ran at any given time was 3/4 of a mile.

EZ cam up to meet me in MI on Friday and we then drove over to Mayville for a baby shower on Sunday with EZ's family. It was nice to see everyone again and hang out in the beautiful weather up there right now. We had a nice time and drove home yesterday.

I was on the lookout for a swim suit to start swimming laps in since the running is getting more difficult...and I had ordered a 2 piece sports racing suit from Splish. Ummm, yeah...was one of the worst things I have put on. :) EZ took one look at me and said I needed to find something else, that it was just too skimpy and that basically it looked like I didn't have any bottoms on at all! So I went out to try on some more suits over the weekend. I managed to buy a maternity suit (2 piece) but not really swimming laps type of suit. My sister and EZ suggested I just put a sports bra on with the bottoms so this morning I gave that a try.

I haven't swam in a long time...I think I might have swam a couple times last summer, but not a lot, maybe 1000-2000 a few times. This morning I headed up to our pool which is not open to the public during the morning but you can sign a waiver to gain access when it is closed. Thankfully, no one was there, and I braved swimming for the first time preggers. Holy cow. First, I started up and did 100 straight and thought I might die. Then had to limit my swimming to just 50's. My arm strength is shot out the window and pulling my large pregnant self through the water was tough.

Flip turns are tricky when pregnant too. And maybe it is better to just do open turns in the future...you just can't curl up into a ball with a baby in the way.

I definitely felt that I got a good workout in, a mile total which isn't bad. I did some kicking in there and boy my legs are really weak too. I thought the running was keeping them someone fit but I guess my running/waddling isn't. Oh well. I will keep at it and try to run/walk a couple times a week too.

I had a doctors appt this morning. They say all is good, to keep doing what I am doing. Swim, run, eat, whatever. :) I was shocked at my weight gain over the last few weeks. It has been 3 weeks since I was at the doctor and I was doing really good and when I stepped on the scaled today and saw I had gained another 5 lbs in 3 weeks I thought it was messed up! I guess that week+ in Texas and everywhere really packed on the lbs. Oh well. It is what it is.

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Mandy said...

i'm SO proud of you!!! i went swimming once while preggo...fun stuff. i decided though once i had to buy a special swim suit to actually swim in that it was time to just "relax/swim" in the pool instead of swimming laps! much easier to let the belly hang out when you're just laying there! :) anyway, keep it all up!! i walked, ran (not much in the 3rd trimester) and biked (stationary at the gym) up until the day i went into labor and i really believe that's what made the delivery and recovery all so easy. besides it's good therapy and not as easy to squeeze in after the baby! :)!