Thursday, July 01, 2010


I made it. It is now July...the official birth month. I know for a fact that BZ will be arriving this month. My doctor said after 10 days past due date they start talking the "I" word. I personally think she is still coming early but that could mean today or that could mean July 16th. All I know is that there isn't too many more weeks left until she arrives.

I am definitely having contractions now and I can feel them but nothing painful or anything and it seems they like to come in the afternoon to evening to the time I go to bed. But no pattern or anything like that. I am getting really excited to meet her. It seems like it was so long ago that I peed on that little stick. And even longer before that that we started trying to get pregnant.

EZ said to me that he is so use to me being pregnant that it is like nothing has changed. He is over the initial excited that we actually got pregnant and then didn't miscarry, and is over the fact that my belly is large, so it is just like any other day. Except that every day now is the day that that I could call him at work and tell him to come home.

Either way, my goal was to make it to July 1 with the baby. That she would be nice and healthy all cuddled up in there but good to come out too at this point. Nice to know that I can still be achieving goals during pregnancy.

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Anonymous said...

Not long now... you must be over the moon with excitement. Wishing you all the very best the delivery and I cant wait to see pictures of BZ. Take care and rest up... Cheyne