Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in a Name

I have received lots of questions about how we picked the name Audrey Piper. So here is our story.

Before my mom was sick EZ and I had a list of names and we both really liked the name Piper. EZ had said he thought that maybe a more traditional first name might be better and we could call her by her middle name Piper. His thought was in the future when doing professional type things, she might want a more professional type name. So we had decided that her middle name would be Piper. Then we both said what our favorite first names were and we had one in common: Audrey. So that is how we came up with her name.

After my mom got sick, I talked to EZ about changing her name in honor of my mom. But as much as I love my mom, I didn't really want to use the name Deborah. My mom got sick so quickly too that when I was up to see her before she passed away and told her the name and she said how beautiful it was, it was then hard for me to change it after that. To me I felt like she was the only one who knew the name and then changing it too would be defeating the purpose of us telling her before she passed away. So we kept the name.

So there you go...the story of miss APZ.

When my sister and Amelia were here she took some great photos (some of these are on her blog). But here are a few of my favorites:


Rebecca Wills said...

Great photos!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I love those photos! And all that dark hair reminds me of Elena when she was a newborn. Piper is crazy cute.

Lafonda said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!! Her hair is great!