Sunday, August 01, 2010

Getting Back into a Groove

I started working out not too many days after little miss Piper was born. My doctor said as long as I felt find to go ahead but not to push myself too hard. So I started with some walking, then added the elliptical and then last week added running. Now my running isn't fast at all, more of a jog...just trying to get my legs moving again. It is harder during the week since I have to go at night when EZ is home and it has been ridiculously hot so I have been going to the gym. But we had a crazy couple days of cool air and I ran outside for 15 min yesterday and today which has been nice.

On the weight side of things, I had gained 33 pounds during the pregnancy and after I came home from the hospital had lost 14 of those. Since then I have lost another 8 so we are down to only 11 pounds left to loose. I must say that the breastfeeding is just taking the pounds away as I am still eating my daily dose of dessert every night! :)

Alright, enough about me, here are some photos of APZ from this week.

Look how tiny my feet are:

I fell asleep in the swing one day with my feet crossed:

Typically I like to sleep on my side:

But on occasion I find myself saying touchdown!:

My umbilical cord finally fell off so we had our first real bath:

Then got all snuggled up afterwards:

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Jenny said...

That's exactly how many pounds I gained with Ellie! At the rate you're going, you'll be in your regular clothes by the time classes start! Love all the new pics :)